First look at Yakuza 8 | Famitsu

Well, that sucks but not surprised. I wonder if Judgment comes back for a third game. Yakuza/Judgment combat was good but I did get bored of it while playing Lost Judgment. Oh well. No biggie.

Maybe one day, RGG will give me Binary Domain 2!!!

No way is it coming this year.

Really looking forward to this. Really loved the cast in LAD and looking forward to see where the story goes.

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I’m very much looking forward to this! I know it splits opinion but personally ive finally grown to accept the main series is turn based and i can’t wait to see what improvements they make to it in Yakuza 8. If it’s true it essentially started out as an April fools then they did a pretty solid job with the turn based combat in LAD.

I’m intrigued what direction they’ll go in with thr story. After the stuff that happened in LAD at the end with the Tojo and Omi being no more. I know the Tokyo Omi may still be around but id be surprised if they were the focal point of the story. We know the old Tojo clan officers are starting a security firm but the ending implied Kasuga would be doing his own thing. I am admittedly hoping for another brief Kiryu cameo but i wouldnt be surprised if that doesn’t happen.

I love Kiryu (and the old guard) but they really did a good job with Kasuga. I love his enthusiasm and unwavering loyalty. It’ll be interesting which characters do return in terms of being playable. I like the Y7 cast but at the same time it’s sometimes great to get a brand new party. After Kashiwagi’s surprise appearance, it makes you wonder who else will randomly turn up :joy:


Lovely new development HQ, but I really wish the team would try something new and leave Yakuza for a number of years.

It’s getting officially announced at TGS? Oh right then yeah early next year a la Yakuza 7 Japan release I guess. I was just thinking that Lost Judgment had rougly a 4 month window from announcement to release so it would have been the same in this case.

RGG Studio are working on a new IP as well Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Is Working on a New IP - Siliconera

Yakuza is a lot bigger though also this isn’t an announcement. TGS is likely yes. Hopefully trailer at MS TGS event. That would be huge. The biggest question is will this be the first ever Global Yakuza launch? They’ve never done a worldwide Yakuza release Lost Judgment was the first one I think but not mainline Yakuza.

True would be a nice get for MS if they show it at their TGS show.

I think it will be a global launch yes, didn’t they say Lost Judgment was the first game to do that? I really hope it is anyways.

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I know, but I would like for the Yakuza series to be left alone for a while. I just have a big fear the new IP will be just another Yakuza reskin job like Judgement Fist or the North star

I guess it will be something more arcade-ish like super monkey ball, but I don’t see a problem in doing more stuff in Yakuza universe. They are doing very good, Yakuza 7 and Lost Judgment play very differently one another and are some of the best entries in the series.

If they start releasing games in Yakuza universe every year with the quality they’re doing, it will be awesome.

I’m sorry I do. I didn’t really like Yakuza 7 that much and hated the new battle system. I really liked the 2 Judgement games, but I’m fast getting bored of the same style of game, in the same looking streets and locations.

I’m still enjoy the games, but what rather if the team made something totally new or even a sequel to the overlooked Binary Domain