First Impressions Count: Favorite main title track in a game

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What is your favorite video game title track? Not necessarily from your favorite game soundtrack, but the one in the main screen that really took your breath away.

I’ll start. While I have a fond place in my heart for Inon Zur’s Fallout 3 Main Theme:

I would say the Dragon Age Origins Main Theme:

really made the hair stand up on the back of my neck when I first heard it.

Hah! I thought this was by Jack Wall, but it turns out this is also Inon Zur. I guess I have a type. :grin:

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The Messenger wich is an awesome game

I will post way more later.

Thanks for making this thread!

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IDK why but I absolutely love this track from Rocket League

Also, this one surprisingly kept playing in my head for longer than I expected (sorry couldn’t find the link to an official channel.

and of course the ultimate banger for me. it’s so weird that a game that’s only 3 years old gives me nostalgia whenever I listen to this

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Axiom Verge. One of the few games I have the soundtrack For.

For some reason, I don’t find many modern main themes memorable.

And while I do remember the themes from SF2 and the Sonic games the only one that I have randomly pop in my head are Streets of Rage (IMO the best theme of its time) and Eternal Champions.

But I did play through Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and thought it was pretty good.

I feel like most main themes nowadays are supposed to be background music with no hooks or powerful leads to tell a story. Tekken 7 had a few different main menu themes with each update and they set a tone but are essentially elevator music. Contrast that to the game’s various character select music (again, changes with the updates) and they’re more potent and memorable. Same story with Soul Calibur 6.

Contrast that to SF4 and 5 which makes an effort to have a memorable lead melody. Killer Instinct thankfully makes a call back to the original’s guitar lead melody.

But I’m playing through a good amount of games on Gamepass and I’m loving a lot of the games I’m going through, some of them with fantastic soundtracks (playing Carrion ATM) but I gotta say, not one really memorable main menu theme for me. I pointed it MvsC:I but part of my fascination with that was that it strongly harkens to the feel of the Marvel movie themes and I found that interesting.

Melancholic as hell, loved this soundtrack and this track in particular.

This might not count

I don’t if it counts but this video with the song and everything reminds me the good old days

This track right here:

Even though I was only 7 when I first played the game, I was still blown away when I first heard it.

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And these too!

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This screams adventure!

The music is soo sad and captivating


A odd one but underrated

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I crie everytiem

Fallout New Vegas

Perfect Dark

Fallout 4

Halo 2 (Heavy Price Paid :heart: )

Rainbow Six Siege (2015 theme + Operation Chimera)

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2 Epic games with incredible OST

Katana Zero

The Messenger

I’ve been very pleased with Mick Gordon’s work and this is no exception. Love the synth wave sound of The Messenger.

Minor quibble: Isn’t the main title track for Prey this?

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It’s not really the main title track, but I get chills every time I listen to it.

And, of course, a classic:

Im for sure going to have to say the end credit theme to INSIDE. The game alone was amazing but at that end…with the scenery and the song(a little high too lol) really brought me to that place.

I haven’t played AC:Origins. That title track sounds really good!

Protostar track reminds me of the OG Sonic the Hedgehog for some reason (which I mean as a positive. :slight_smile: )

Wow! That’s amazing! I will have to check out this soundtrack and game.

The yt link? It is the song of the main menu indeed.

The Messenger OST is made by RainbowDragonEyes