First 45mins of Returnal

It looks a rather entertaining arcade shooter, ironically it would be great for gamepass.

However a decent PS4 version could be done, there is nothing “next gen” about this game, faster loading, more particle effects and tentacles is nice but not a generational improvement like we have seen in prior gens, the PC version of control has bigger improvements then this game has.

This should be crossgen and $40, or free with PS+ or PSnow…


Looks good but I have 0 interest in spending 70 bucks even if I had a ps5. Perfect game for me to blast through next year when I have a pa5 and when this game is likely going to be 20 bucks on sale or a ps plus title.


Thats my plan to, it will be interesting to see how this reviews, it will be disappointing if the value proposition and next gen-ness is not addressed.

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Yep, there’s nothing there which justifies the ridiculous price & the push to convince people that this game is something more than what it obviously is.

Under normal circumstances Returnal would be an interesting smaller title on the side, to add to the launch window lineup of the new console & it would be about half the price that it is now.

Even if I had a PS5 I wouldn’t fall for this.

This looks exceptionally mediocre.

This game strikes me as PS5’s The Medium… it’s probably a fine game, there’s nothing wrong with it. But take a game that most people wouldn’t give a second look and make it a console exclusive, and suddenly it’s Dark Souls meets Metroid meets Vanquish.

See also Kena Bridge of Spirits, aka “Sony’s Zelda killer.”


I was thinking the exact same thing. Would be intriguing to see the sales numbers between the two from the first week.

Yes the medium is an excellent comparison, the only difference its on gamepass and was like $30-40.

I do sometimes wonder, remember the multiple times that Phil Spencer said that “this generation will be not only defined by how games look but how they feel”, and generally talking about how framrate will be a big factor this gen…I am starting to wonder if Phil was being very honest…looking at returnal the improvement is not in the visuals. Meanwhile sony have been not as honest and have had messaging that this gen is business as usual and the visual leap will be big.

Looks good and interesting, but I don’t have a PS5 yet and wouldn’t spend 70 bucks on it.

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Why is The Medium catching strays here when it was a properly priced game, pretty good and a good showcase of RT and the SSD power?


Its not a knock the medium, as that was priced appropriately.

It seems sony are having a real problem with pricing and value. Why should this rougelike AA shooter cost the same as AAA megaton?

Sony are being dishonest in the value proposition, charging $70 for a game that has far less value then other full priced games.


Graphically this looks sick. Love the environments, atmosphere and the general mystery. Combat looks kinda fun when it’s actually happening. I’m really surprised by how empty this looks. I imagine this is early game stuff and that’s probably why, but lots of this gameplay was just running around looking at rocks.

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Not sure if it’s dishonest, value is subjective.

They just point to their metacritic scores as a justification for the value. They clearly have a good system with mock reviewers and such to make sure it’s getting high numbers.

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the emptiness was kinda what I liked most about that video. I would rather the frenetic action be separated by some moody exploring and platforming more than it be pure bullet hell for me. As you say though its probably early game and introducing and building the atmosphere.

I get anxious when I have to be good though, which is why I like the idea of “easier” times :smiley:

Anyway I thought this game looked interesting when it was first revealed, I like the look of the protagonist and the atmosphere, but then I heard the words “roguelike” and “procedurally generated” and… I’m out.

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Value is subjective up to a point. I mean im sure someone will think gears hivebusters is better value then TLOU2 even if TLOU2 was the same price. But a games value is comparable to other games on the market, someone’s subjective opinion is a weak and non demonstrable, e.g whats to stop somone saying a Minecraft clone that costs £4500 is the best value ever! Using the “value is subjective” logic.


Game looks great, wish it was faster though.

But after these 45 minutes I’ve got bored of it already, I don’t really know why, I guess I expected more from the combat, doesn’t seem engaging to me.


If it’s not on Game Pass, it doesn’t exist to me.


Its funny how people criticized gears 5 for being more of the same , but based on what we have seen so far gears 5 (a last gen game) looks the overall better game compared to returnal.

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I don’t think they’re really comparable here.

Completely different styles, both games seem boring to me anyway.

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