Finally found an Xbox Series X to give to my Sister

As some people might know, I’m not much of an Xbox Series X fan myself (more of an S person), but my sister is huge on FIFA and shooters and always was into Xbox from the very first console we got (an original Xbox :slight_smile: ).

So when I saw it available online, I pounced and it went through and it even was send. Told her about her late Christmas present. And she was so happy. But then… I might have underestimated Wiley McScalpy Scalpface, she would not take this loss sitting down you see:

derp GIF
(Miss McScalpy scalpface on hearing the news she let one slip through her fingers).

You see as the track trace code came in, everything went well, and on the very day it was to be delivered? Suddenly I get an email about a delay. DHL had “sorted” it wrong, and it was “send back” to a different area in the capital of the country. The weird thing was, it was very close to us already in a sorting system, we could even trace it to the very location of the distribution center in the city close by.

Could it be that Miss McScalpy Scalpface got it somehow anyway?

Reese Witherspoon Yes GIF

Anyhow, we contacted the seller (A bigger box pusher like Amazon, only European), and they contacted DHL what the deal was. First they blamed it on “sorry we are out of stock”, but when they traced it and I told them it was send already with a track trace? They too went “wait, that isn’t right? It should have been send already, even on a mistake, it should only be delayed by a day”. So they also are now wondering if it’ll arrive at all and already “warming me up” on a “refund” and a “sorry”.

So… I mentioned I will wait. And I hope it’ll arrive soon, and that DHL actually just made a silly mistake. Or if Miss McScalpy Scalpface did get it, tracks her down to take it.

But the reason I made this rather long rant? I wanted to know if anybody else had experience with this? And if so, did it get resolved or did you just have to settle for your money back. I hate having to disappoint my baby-sister. So just how likely is the chance that I’ll have to :(.

I hope even if it disappears that they will fulfill on next restock (if they didn’t keep any behind for that kind of issue).

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What tipped me of, is that the box shuffler found it “very weird” there were no status updates anymore for a day or two. And was trying to warm me up to a “refund”. But yeah, I hope that on the next restock I’d be first in line, but I must admit I’m getting a bit tired of it. I’ve been trying to get it for her for months now. First as a Birthday gift, then as an early Christmas gift and then now as a late Christmas gift. Every time I got close and it got cancelled on me LOL. It was the first time it was actually “send out” :frowning: .

And no, they didn’t keep any behind, she first said “Oh we’ll send a new one. Oh wait, I see we are completely out.”. It was when the warming me up for a refund started.

Haha yeah I’d do my best to avoid refund. If they try that keep elevating.

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One of those things that tend to go missing (stolen) somewhere in the process.

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Thanks for the advice.

Yeah, just didn’t think it would be that bad. Should have known better though.

Update: Seems like it was “taken out” while sending by someone, so they now are trying to send another one. Really hope that one will reach it’s destination. :slight_smile: . So good news perhaps :slight_smile: .


Update: It has arrived. The box the company send it in had been opened and luckily the Xbox Series X box inside was not opened.

So it does seem like someone had opened it and pushed it aside to take home with them or otherwise make sure they could get their Scalper hands on it. But was caught after I had complained to the company were I ordered it from complained on my behalf.

Good that I did that, as otherwise it might never have arrived.

Kristen Wiig Dipshit GIF
(Possible reaction of the Scalper on being caught).

Glad it all was resolved, but good grief, it’s that bad with these morons! We keeps buying these scalped products?