Feature request: Reply button at top of thread

It’d be great to be able to reply to a thread without first scrolling to the bottom or quoting someone.

For example, if I want to make a new post in the Halo OT I have to:

  • Open the thread
  • Scroll through the lengthy OP
  • Scroll a bit further for the post count button to appear
  • Open that button
  • Use the scroll bar to go to the bottom of the thread
  • Wait for it to load

Only then am I able to hit reply.

It’s quite a lot of actions…

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Here is your little friend:

It will show on every topic where TOC is not used (cause TOC hides scroll nav).


Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to exist on mobile!

Also, I think the fact that the TOC hides the scroll bar (and thus the reply button) is half the problem.

You’re still required to either do lots of scrolling or do as many as 4 actions just to show the scroll nav in a thread with a TOC.

I had to scroll 300 posts on the XGS OT to reply lol. Please for the love of God get a reply button at the top of the page on mobile.

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Yeah, I had the same problem. Especially on mobile.

@10k @SuikerBrood

You can always click on this button:

And then tap to the bottom of the slider, on info showing when the last post in the topic was posted. That will take you to the last post and reply button.

Of course, this button isn’t available on posts that use the ToC feature.

Another shortcut is to click/tap on info that shows topic last activity which will take you to last the last post (and there is Reply button):

We explored this possibility and this feature is beyond simple modifications, which means we will need to hire a developer to do a custom job, and at the moment we can’t do that.

This feature is added to our wishlist and hopefully, it will be implemented soon.

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Ah that’s a shame.

Fair enough though - I’ll just avoid using the table of contents for now…

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Testing new always present Reply button on mobile. Looks good!

Also adjust the page so that the on screen keyboard doesn’t hide the reply button.