Favorite boss in Halo Infinite ? (Spoilers)

One of the areas that Halo Infinite focused to improve over the previous games were the boss fights. I think Infinite’s model is here to stay so I’m curious to know the opinion, what was the favorite or if people didn’t like it.

In my opinion, Halo 2 had some great fights in my opinion (Tartarus / Regret / the Heretic leader) but the ones in Halo 3, Halo 4 and Halo 5 were either underwhelming or bad.

Halo 4 and 5 were especially criticized (the Didact was just a QTE, the Warden Eternal was copy pasted to death and Jul 'Madma was not even playable and died in a ridiculous way, probably the worst).

  • Tremonius
  • Chak 'Lok
  • Bassus
  • Adjudant Resolution
  • Hyperius & Tovarus
  • Jega 'Rdomnai
  • Escharum
  • Harbinger

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I think my favorite was Escharum because it really felt like a showdown to me (unlike the Didact for example). But I liked a lot the music theme of Adjudant Resolution and the intro cutscene of Chak 'Lok was the best.

I tend to think that making a good boss fight in a FPS is hard. But overall I think it was a great improvement over H3/H4/H5 and I enjoyed all of the 9 boss fights (on Heroic), the High Value Targets also.

Every boss fight felt unique to me and I especially liked the cutscenes and the characterization, no one felt like a random or a weak character to me (although I believe Hyperius and Tovarus deserved a cutscene). Some people may say “bullet sponge” sometimes but I think it’s hard to balance these things in a shooter, like you don’t want your boss to die in 10 secondes without having the time to even say some lines.

Hoping to see Jega again (I’m 99% sure this wasn’t a bug and that this coward is not dead :smiling_imp: ) and a boss commanding a Scarab in the next campaign/expansion. And Atriox obviously :upside_down_face:


Hyperius and Tovarus was my favourite fight. Might seem odd, but it was the one I struggled the most with whilst at the same time being a fun fight. There was a lot of ways to approach that fight, and I enjoyed it. It was also a mission/area I liked a lot so that helped I guess.


Lol, I absolutely steamrolled them. Hijacked the Chopper and beat their asses.

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Aye, I was too passive and came into the fight with shitty weapons.

I’d probably say Hyperius and Tovarus were my favourite but Bassus was easily the worst for me. Idk how many times I died cuz His lunging attack was like a homing 1 hit KO.

Hyperius and Tovarus was the most interesting boss encounter and I guess the open space made that better. Every other one is in a closed space and they kinda work the same way, whereas I think with those two, there were multiple ways you could approach. Hijack the chopper first, or get the other guy with the jetpack who goes to that tower with many fusion coils. I did the former method which I must admit trivializes the fight a bit, but the jetpack guy did well on his own. Would have loved to see them have their own cutscene but didn’t.

Escharum was a pretty good fight.

Jega’s boss fight was extremely underwhelming for me. Love the horror feel when you’re entering the room with Pilot’s wife and kids on the audio. But soon the fight itself becomes Chak Lok 2.0. I do think he isn’t dead, signaled by the body just disappearing on his “death”, so maybe the next encounter will happen and be more menacing and interesting.


They are all great to be honest. It’s pretty rare in FPS, but they really nailed every one of these boss fights. Every fight is different and involve a different strategy. I love their introductions too. And it’s not overly complicated so you don’t knock your head on them, you just have to “get it”.

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Not sure which was my favorite, but I really disliked the setup for Jega 'Rdomnai since I had horrible weapons and equipment activated at the time of the Checkpoint Save so every new restart was the same exact mad scramble just to escape and regroup. It got old fast, even on Normal difficulty.

Bassus, for one reason

…the music