Farming Sim 'SunnySide' Announced for PC and Consoles, AMV Debut

Originally published at: Farming Sim 'SunnySide' Announced for PC and Consoles, AMV Debut - XboxEra

Developer RainyGames and publisher Merge Games have announced that their anime-inspired farming sim title ‘SunnySide’ will launch on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. Featuring a rich anime inspired cast of characters, modern gameplay, and a cozy turn based combat system, SunnySide promises to push the boundaries of the entire genre.

No release date has been set at this time, though 2024 is set as the release target on the game’s Steam page.

  • With over a hundred different crops to grow and over 25 characters to meet, SunnySide’s “hang out” system allows players to seamlessly balance cultivating new relationships while building their perfect homestead.
  • SunnySide is an innovative farming and life simulation set in a small diverse Japanese town with a compelling story to uncover.
  • Physical retail versions of SunnySide will also be heading to PlayStation 5 for keen players looking to lock in on the platform.

You’ve just purchased your first plot of land in an aging post town in the heart of the Japanese countryside. Now, it’s up to you to create a homestead you can be proud of.

Use modern technology to balance time between your new farm life and joining the local community. Meet new people and learn about their lives, support their businesses, hang out around town and in the city, and even pursue some romance.

With a focus on individuality, you will be provided with unique opportunities that allow for creative freedom and self-expression.

Your avatar, homestead, and even your in-game cell phone can all be tailored to your preferences and desires. Place your home and customize your farm layout however you want! There are plenty of decorations, clothing styles, and hair options to enjoy on your journey of self-discovery.

The best part of living in the country is becoming part of a community. Enjoy hanging out with the local residents, listen to their stories, witness their lives, form bonds, attend events, and build a life you can be proud of.

A quiet life in the country is nice, but something lurks beneath this peaceful town.

After a thousand year old sassy survey drone named Sparky rescues you from a cave in, you’re tasked with helping this new companion retrieve their lost memories and complete the last mission they remember: learn more about humans. Join Sparky on a mission of self discovery while exploring the mysterious caves together, and team-up in a cozy card-based battle system.

Key Features:

  • Experience innovative gameplay that finally modernizes the classic Farm Sim.
  • Join the established community of SunnySide and build relationships with its many inhabitants.
  • Express yourself with deep customization in character creation and building your homestead.
  • Use your time to chase your interests and truly express yourself.
  • Enjoy a unique and cozy battle system as you explore the caves beneath SunnySide.

SunnySide is a Farm Sim with no watering cans, shipping containers, gift-based socializing, mayonnaise machines, or endless walking.

With music playing a huge role in building the overall SunnySide experience, developer RainyGames set out to create a soundtrack that not only captures the serene and uplifting essence of rural life, but that also speaks to the studio’s unique brand of empathetic story telling.

Written and performed by Matthew Payne Thompson, AKA the iconic JellyFox, the animated music video features characters from the game as well as studio clips of the live band. “Watch This Garden Grow” transports players into a world filled with warmth, nostalgia, personal growth, and self reflection.

Have a gander at the gameplay trailer and screenshots below for SunnySide.