Far Cry 6 OT (Review | Far Cry 6)

I love this reason. :laughing:


This is probably the best Far Cry since Far Cry 3 a solit 8.5/10 for me it good.

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Here’s a cool video too, I love this kind of stuff. It’s mostly big improvements made tech wise, except that flame thrower effect, 5 wins that. I love the lighting in the jungles, wow.

Gameplay wise the fact that you can just finish missions and don’t have to do side stuff to be able to finish them is a good change. But ammo types sounds like a PAIN to me. If the game let you carry all the types with you, fine, but they don’t. So say you carry ammo for normal mofos and you encounter a heavy… you’re fucked.

Some strange reviews out there… I didn’t read most of them, but what were the reasons for a lower scores?

i think reviewers are just tired of Ubisofts formula. They have to play all of them (and their clones from other publishers) to the end. That would also drive me mad.

If you are new to a Ubisoft series or played the last one couple of years ago you might have a different opinion.


you can change your weapons on the fly at any time. You have full access to every unlocked gun and gear piece in the pause menu. So if you find yourself needing a rocket launcher but don’t have one on you can quickly swap to it.

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I doubt there are many reviewers that are forced to play every single Ubisoft game against their will. Most either just don’t cover them or other members of the team do them.

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No I meant the different ammo types. You have ammo for armored enemies, ammo for non armored enemies, and so on. And this guy explained how it’s very annoying to have to go to a area every time to switch ammo types.

I truly hope Ubi takes a look at it and adds a option to just carry all ammo types always.

Thus far, I have been using Armor Piercing rounds for basically every enemy and haven’t had any issues. Not a fan of the gear system or needing different rounds based on the enemy type even though this part hasn’t affected me yet but im still on the prologue island.

I have issues with way too many respawning enemies when clearing out small outposts. They just keep coming. I cleared one out which was Rank 4 on the prologue island, went into the Bunker to clear out the loot and whatnot and when I came back out, all the enemies were back including the sniper that ended up killing me. I died on this outpost at least 5 times including after it was already completed and the alarm disabled. UGH.

Definitely better than New Dawn and should be better than Far Cry 5 for me but it’s not getting ranked ahead of Far Cry 4/3/Primal which are my top three in that order.

If the rumors are true about Far Cry 7 going fully into online and whatnot, this could very well be the last game I play in the series.

This is true but also annoying to go into the menus because of the different ammo types. I miss Far Cry 3/4 where you just use whatever you have and that’s it. A heavy armored enemy would just eventually go down with grenades and whatnot. And head shots with a Sniper Rifle doesn’t kill the enemy with no helmet on unless you’re at least the same rank. Not a fan of the New Dawn type ranking system and whatnot.

I’ve played a bit of this and think its pretty good tbh. Yes its just more Far Cry but the opening was better than most FC games I’ve played and the technical stuff like 60FPS seems solid and its a nice looking open world romp.

Not really sure why people go out of their way to review a game badly because its repeating the same thing when the formula for the game is set. There is some weird desire for Far Cry to become a series with something to say, some political message. I don’t get that - I’m a political person but I don’t get why Far Cry should be the poster child for that. Its, I think, basically the crowd that don’t like gameplay loops but just want some sort of story they can claim is high art. I can’t really understand beyond that possibility.


That’s good to hear that it’s not really an issue.

As for the last bit, yeah that better be total bullshit. Because if not, what the fuck is Ubi doing? AC Origins, AC Oddysey and AC Valhalla did great in terms of sales…but they are going to make it a service or platform because…

People still love FarCry and 6 looks great to me, why would they go this route? With online it will be heading into AC’s way? Now of course we can only guess what this will mean for AC, for all we know it will turn out great, same could be for FC if it’s true, but is it necessary?

My guess is that they make a shit ton of cash on micro-transactions and whatnot so they will probably double down on that stuff. I don’t mind some of the stuff Ubisoft does as I just ignore this shit I don’t like but it will be sad if they end up ruining all my franchises that I have liked since the Xbox 360 days. UGH. Oh well. This is obviously a wait and see what happens. No reason for me to go nuts now. lol


You will absolutely have a soft bodied gun and armor piercing gun available to you at all times. I think I have like 20 of each now. It’s really not a big deal, the unique ones make sure you have the variety you’d want.

Very true .

I also ignore the MTX and always hope you can unlock the stuff during the story. And you’re right, no point in going all outrage mode, for all we know FC7 will be one awesome game, could be for AC too.

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Just finished your review! Didn’t have time before sorry. It was a great read and from what I heard from people it seems to be the best Far Cry since Far Cry 3. Good!

It has still some issues needing to be solved but seems Ubi going in the right direction. Want to say that I really like the main theme the villain & the setting. Not gonna buy it now sadly as few things happened recently I have other priorities, might wait for a discount way later if possible.

Got few questions please. How was the A.I? And physics? Difficulty you played on? Can I immerse myself in the game just exploring and discovering secrets? I love secrets and exploring every nook & cranny of a game I really like.

Thanks @Doncabesa


A.I. is fairly brainless and there to make you feel powerful, physics are solid, I played it on Action which is normal, You absolutely can immerse yourself with exploring. The map is enormous and full of secrets.

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Sad for the A.I. Hopefully Ubi completely overhauls it in Far Cry 7. Good news for the rest thank you!

It’s a give and take. You can have better/smarter A.I. but if it doesn’t work in service of actually making the game more fun it’s a detriment. Having occasionally stupid A.I. gives you a target that isn’t frustrating to fight.