Fantasy Football, How bad was your week?

The NFL is back, which means it’s Fantasy Season!!!

How’s everyone do this week? Who were some of your surprises from week 1? Who do now hate with a passion?!

:+1:t4: and :-1:t4: :


On my squads, Tiny Kyler Murray, Clyde Edwards-Helaire , Mark Andrews and Adam Theinlen :+1:t4: did well and I’m glad I targeted them. Disregarding those that got hurt week 1 Antonio Gibson was my biggest disappointment :-1:t4: and made me want to scream.

Pickups for Week 2 :

I’m looking to grab Benny Snell Jr and Adrian Peterson, possibly Malcom Brown, tho I think that was just a week 1 blip. Also Dallas Goddert bc Philly, as usual, has so few pass catching options that he’s a great backup option. Also Ryan Tannehill looks like he’d be a solid backup fantasy option as well.

Who are you guys looking at? Air your fantasy grievances here!!!

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Lost by 5 pts, very happy with David Johnson, Thielen and my defense (Ravens).

Very disappointed with Michael Thomas, Austin Ekeler and George Kittle. I would’ve won that game easily if any of these guys performed lol Also got a couple injuries to my big players, not cool.

I chose my Flex poorly, I expected a lot more from Boston Scott and Marvin Jones, both had a big opportunity.

Looking to grab Benny Snell as well, I need some RB depth.

Boston Scott got a lot of people this week lol. I got burned by Golladay and Sutton both being out, at least Thomas and Kittle are “just” injuries, and not that they just stunk. Ekler will get his points I think but Josh Kelley is a MAN. He looked good Sunday

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I got smashed in my first game 132 to 80… but then again, the time of our draft got moved and I missed it so my entire team was just auto drafted. Here is my team as it stands.

I feel really let down by Barkey more than anything. I only drafted Murray has a QB so picked up Newton on waivers, seemed like a decent pick but then Murray went and out scored him (not that it would be have been any difference to the result).

Honestly, feel like with it auto drafting me that I don’t stand a chance to finish anything other than bottom but I’ll try and stick with it and pick up some players from waiver.

Any recommendations for who I should drop and maybe look to pick up?

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That’s not a bad team! Think you just had a bad week. I personally DESPISE Mike Evans bc he’s burned me every time I’ve drafted him, but he’s not a droppable piece so just live with the ups and downs of him. Besides that I like your roster. As a Giants Fan, I’d recommend getting Montgomery into your line up, they are gonna be DREADFUL on D all year.

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I drafted Evans last year and honestly, he was thet most infuriating player to have. I’d bench him one week and he’d have a cray week where he put up like 20-30 points (he had a few of those weeks last season), so I’d put him in my lineup and he’d get less than 5 points the following week, so inconsistent. I was hoping that with Brady at QB he would be a bit more consistent this season.

I’m glad to hear my team isn’t maybe as bad as I thought.

I was thinking of dropping the Eagles DEF, Looks like following are available; Packers, Bears, Colts, Rams, Bucs & Cowboys (amongst others), worth making any switches? I might just have to switch out my DEF week by week based on matchups.

That’s a really good lineup imo, Mixon Barkley Ekeler should produce a lot of points. Butker is a great K, he’s on my team too. Kyler Murray and Newton should be a great duo. I’d say your only weakness might be with WRs, but it’s far from horrible.

I think you’ll need to stream a Defense.

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Here are the available WRs, sorted by projections for the rest of the season (I know projections aren’t anything but easiest way to sort). Worth making any swaps?

Wow wtf that’s a lot of available WRs lol How many teams in your league??

I have Diontae Johnson on my team, with Big Ben back he could have a big season. Sammy Watkins just had a big game. Julian Edelman has been one of the most consistent WRs these past couple years, but with Newton now it’s hard to predict. John Brown and Jamison Crowder could have a good season too.

Mike Williams and Christian Kirk have potential too lol Lots of good choices.

We only have an 8 team league! Being from the UK there aren’t too many fans. Maybe next year we do a XboxEra fantasy league?

I assume knowing we only have an 8 team league might change opinions on my team haha.


I’d def be down for an XboxEra league.

I’d sit tight with what you have at WR for now, tho Crowder is tempting bc he’s the only one gonna get consistent targets for the Jets. And Edelman bc he’s 47 but dude will prob catch 100 balls again.