Fallout Worlds announced for Fallout 76


Fallout Worlds offers personalized Fallout experiences for you and your friends, as well as the power to customize your private servers into your very own personal world.

One of the things we love best about video games, and strive for in every game we create, is that you can make them your own.

Not just in the way you play them, but your ability to change them.

Our modding community has been an enormous part of our games for over 20 years, and it’s always been our long-term goal with Fallout 76 to give you your own servers to customize for yourself and your friends. After much iteration, we’re thrilled to reveal an exciting new system that’s just the beginning for creating all-new experiences designed by you – Fallout Worlds.


With Fallout Worlds, your imagination is the limit when under the sky of your own personal Appalachia. Utilizing a wide list of customizable settings, players can construct C.A.M.P.s in previously restricted areas or even remove the need for electricity to establish a builder’s paradise. Love Fallout 76’s survival mechanics? You can double down on braving Appalachia’s untamed wilds by changing the PVP rules and difficulty settings. And those are but two examples of what’s possible in Fallout Worlds.

Combine unlimited combat AP and infinite ammo to become a mighty wasteland warrior, configure creature spawns for serious big game hunting, control weather effects such as fog, nuclear radiation, or even Quantum Storms, turn on absurd jumping heights (just remember to turn off fall damage), enable ragdoll physics, change the height limit on settlements…all this and more are yours to play and experiment with as you see fit.

And yes, this list of customization options will continue to expand!

When you start the game after the update in September, you’ll be introduced to two brand new modes as part of Fallout Worlds: Public Worlds and Custom Worlds.


Public Worlds are a rotating series of Fallout Worlds experiences available to all players. Hand-crafted by the team at Bethesda Game Studios with input from the Fallout 76 community, each Public World uses a different combination of Fallout Worlds’ settings to bring you a unique play experience.

This offers everyone in Fallout 76 the opportunity to see for themselves what’s possible in Fallout Worlds, as well as inspiration for their own creations with Custom Worlds.


Custom Worlds completely evolves the personalization of Fallout 76’s existing private servers, granting active Fallout 1st members full access to Fallout Worlds’ settings and features to build their own personalized Appalachias.

While players can experiment like a mad scientist to their heart’s content solo, Custom Worlds is also a blast to share with others! Invite your friends and teammates to your Custom World and they can join in on the fun even without a Fallout 1st membership.


We’re committed to bringing even more customizable options and ways to play to Fallout Worlds with eyes on the feedback of the Fallout 76 community. Our goal is giving players the ability to transform Fallout 76 into, as the name implies, their very own world.

Get your first taste of Fallout Worlds when the feature hits the Public Test Servers today. For players seeking out more information, we will have more details to share regarding Fallout Worlds made available at a later date. Whether you’re craving your own immersive roleplaying server, impressive personal fortress, wacky platforming level or whatever else your imagination conjures, we can’t wait to see what the Fallout 76 community brings to Fallout Worlds.

Like we said, this is just the beginning.


Cool really happy bout this they really support this game after the bad launch and is making a No Man Sky comeback type. It becoming like Fallout version of ESO with all the updates and stuff which is great.


I know next to nothing about this game. I’m assuming it’s very profitable for them?

I suppose it is if they are supporting it so heavily and with MS support it could become huge, the hunger for Fallout multiplayer is big, if they can implement cross-play now that MS can force Sony’s hand like with MC, the came can flourish anew.

I would guess so (or at least they’re committed to make it profitable).

Design Director said some days ago in an interview on Xbox Twitch channel that they just had a meeting about the content in 2023.

Custom worlds sounds like something I will try out. Once I finally start exploring this world I just want it to be me against A.I. enemies and not any other players. Now if only they’d edit the VATS system for custom worlds mode, a actual proper working VATS would make it so much better.

I’ve always kept a distant eye on this game because of my general aversion to multiplayer and the frankly awful press it got at launch. It’s really nice to see the effort that they’re putting into it. By all accounts it’s a good experience now, and this sort of private option is pretty interesting to a person with my interests.

  • One Public World will be available to players at a time. Public World themes will rotate weekly in the PTS, and monthly in the live version of the game, so that you regularly have fresh experiences to try out.
  • Here are some of the Public World themes you can expect to see in the Test Server:

  • While creating your Custom World, you can choose among a broad array of customization settings and then let your imagination run wild with the possibilities! Here are some of the options at your disposal:
    • Workshop: Build in previously restricted areas, disable the need for electricity, increase your C.A.M.P. budget and build height, relax building restrictions, disable item collision, and more.
    • Combat: Infinite enemy spawns, alter PvP rules, adjust enemy difficulty, give yourself infinite ammo, change item durability, and more.
    • General: Disable Fast Travel or make it free. Choose special weather effects, including Radstorms and Nuke Zones, as well as new weather effects, like Quantum Storm and Dark Bog. Add filters for a unique view of Appalachia, adjust jump height, fall damage, or even the consequences on death.
    • Please note: Some Custom World settings may impact your game client’s performance. However, you are still free to use them, and can always enable or disable them again as needed.
  • Currently, you can save a Custom World you’ve created in one of three available slots, and you can select one of them to set it as your active Custom World.
    • You can edit your Custom Worlds after you’ve finished creating them, so even if you’ve filled all three Custom World slots, you can still change them up as needed.
  • If you are not currently an active Fallout 1st member, don’t worry. You can still join your friends who are Fallout 1st members in the Custom Worlds that they’ve set up while they are online.
  • The progress each of your characters make in Public or Custom Worlds is specific to those worlds, and is completely separate from Adventure Mode.
    • You can clone your Adventure Mode character for use in a Public or Custom World at any time, and you can have up to 5 Fallout World characters at a time.
    • Your character progress in a Public World will remain available as long as that Public World is still available for play.


Our latest expansion for Daily Ops brings a new weekend event that amps up the challenge, but offers increased rewards. Read on for a brief overview of everything this expansion adds to Daily Ops before you jump into playtesting in the PTS.

  • During Double Mutation events, Daily Ops will be randomized each day with enemies who have one of eight unique combinations of two different Mutations.
    • Double Mutation Weekend events will typically run every other weekend, from Thursday to Monday, starting and ending at the normal Daily Ops reset time.
  • We’ve added Communists to the pool of randomized enemy groups you may encounter in any Daily Ops mode.
  • Fight your way through Arktos Pharma Biome Lab, Watoga High School, and Uncanny Caverns, all of which have been added to the randomized pool of locations for Daily Ops.


Alongside this update for Fallout 76, Vault 51 has now opened up for exploration in all game modes, including Adventure. Follow the red wire to find your way inside, and then poke around to learn more about what befell the Dwellers of Vault 51.

Maybe i should sit down and play more than just the introduction of this game. I’ve played through the introduction maybe three times, but I never stuck around. That’s not because I didn’t enjoy what I played, just because there are so many other games that I enjoy as well.

This is me but with Elder Scrolls Online :skull: