"Fallout" TV show on Amazon Prime is moving into production, with Co-Creator of Westworld set to direct

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2022/01/07/fallout-tv-show-on-amazon-prime-is-moving-into-production-with-co-creator-of-westworld-set-to-direct-xbox-fallout/

The Fallout TV show, which was announced in 2020, is moving into production, with Jonathan Nolan set to direct the pilot. Nolan, best known for being the co-creator of West World, joins a talented team of producers who will work to bring the vision of the Fallout universe to Amazon’s streaming service.

Amazon is teaming with Bethesda on this project, with Todd Howard serving as an executive producer. The show is scheduled to enter production later this year.</p

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So a possible 2023 release

the only Fallout release that will happen this generation.

:running_man: :dash:


Better than Nothing

This could be good.

Very interested to see in the tone they go for.

I hope it ends up better than the rather meh series Wheel of Time.

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Yeah, WoT one wasn’t that great, while The Expanse is magnificent. It depends more on showrunners and directors than other things.


Really hate that The Expanse is ending in like, two to three episodes. It doesn’t even feel like it’s anywhere close to the end yet it is. :frowning:

They’ll prolly just wrap up the Inaros vs Inneros (lol) War and call it a day.

Because it’s not, there are other books in the series and the overall story is clearly not done. IDK why they canned it, while things like GoT got dragged down because of lack of original source, lol.

No I meant like even for a self-contained series, it doesn’t feel like it’s nearing the end. I know there is a big time gap of 30 years or something in the books after where the series prolly ends, but they are only now introducing the secrets of the Ring Builders and who killed them off, the Laconian species able to bring back organisms from the dead but possibly in a zombified state, etc.

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Its by Jonathan Nolan , its going to be a puzzle box in a puzzle box plotline .

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Who knows, maybe the showrunner and actors want to go on.

I just hope they end it in a good place. Too many great shows seem to end up finishing up in a weird, rushed ending these days. Ironically Expanse seems to be taking its time this entire season, but the end is in sight, but also isn’t. lol


I was probably going to watch this anyway, but now it’s a mortal lock.