Fallout and elder Scrolls will be so much better on Xbox series S|X

Im playing Fallout new vegas at the moment and you can see how they were constrained by the hardware, having to break up areas with doors and loading screens due to limited ram and HDD speed and last gen (x1+ps4) Fallout 4 did not improve this aspect, there were still many doors and loading screens.

Obsidian are doing Avowed which will be great and Bethesda are doing elder scrolls, I would prefer if obsidian were doing another fallout but hopefully inexile and other XGS’s can do one for next gen. Having a completely open world and more realistic behaving npcs would be great even if the visuals are not that different to fallout 4.

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But isn’t the reason for having separate loading areas to be able to make a bigger zone in a building than the actual building size on the map? Or do they still stick with the same geometry?

The reason is the limitations of the hardware, why try and make the map smaller by adding loading screens, a bigger map with no loading screens is always better.