Fallout 76 Year Two in Review : Bethesda "has seen a dramatic rise in players in 2020" and plans "for an even bigger and better 2021"

Interesting…Copy and pasting from Reset

2020 has obviously been one of the most difficult years in modern history, but it has been intensely rewarding to see millions of you come together in Fallout 76’s Appalachia to meet your friends, make new ones, and go on adventures together, in the safety of the virtual world we share.

And we’ve been with you, playing alongside you and hearing your feedback in real time. Your commitment and love for the game has helped us to continually grow and evolve Fallout 76. And 2020 brought some of the biggest changes and evolutions yet. We’re thankful that so many of you have found a safe place with friends here in Fallout 76, and we want to take a moment to reflect on the year we had together, while also looking forward to our plans for an even bigger and better 2021.

This year we launched Wastelanders, Steel Dawn, and added a ton of new features into the game, including Seasons, One Wasteland, which re-leveled the entire game, and our new Daily Ops expansion. Among a host of other things to keep you busy this winter, like C.A.M.P. Shelters. All for free, and all because you keep on playing. Sending us feedback. Posting pictures of your amazing C.A.M.P.s, telling us stories about your harrowing encounters, and coming together as a community to share, build, and grow this game together.

Because of this new, free content, and your work building the most positive and supportive community in games, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in players in 2020, both new and returning veterans.

Fallout 76 made major strides this year, but there’s so much more we still want to bring to this game and the community. We’ve already begun working on a variety of features, events, quests, and quality-of-life improvements that we plan to implement next year, and we can’t wait to share more about each new update as we approach them throughout 2021.

Nice to see them going all in on Fallout 76 even if its not my cup of tea, I’ll wait for Fallout 5 but that Microsoft money is going to do wonders for the game


A sea of Thieves success story huh?

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Eeeeeh Sea of Thieves wasn’t anywhere near as broken and a mess as Fallout 76. The only issue with Sea of Thieves was it lacked content. Fallout 76 seemed like a cheap cash in and had a bunch of technical issues, bad monetization etc.


How this run on SX, it is 60 fps? I tried on One X few months ago, but framerate was still not there. I love fallout universe and been thinking on going deep in this game. Did tgey announced a SX patch or something? .

For it being a “cheap cash in” it literally has the best Fallout open world of the modern ones.

Interesting. I never really looked at any Fallout 76 footage but i have seen others say that. Makes me interested in seeing it.

Oh for sure, just came to my mind that’s all. I love Sea of Thieves :heart:

Still just 30 FPS, but runs well, otherwise. The game has been in a good technical state for a while now.

It’s on Game Pass - give it a shot.

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I played a lot of Fallout 76 around October (my first time with the game) and had a lot of fun. I’ll definitely jump back in in 2021 as more updates come.

The game needs a 60FPS update bad.

But it’s actually fun, were getting to FF14 revive territory here.

I’ll wait for a few more updates i think but it looks like its getting closer to it’s original vision. A next gen patch would push me to try it.

I’ve definitely had some fun with this game, it’s not all bad, but I’ve got to take all the “it’s good now” stuff with a grain of salt. I still get issues like disconnects that cause me to lose quest progress, which is particularly frustrating when you’re just trying to play some Fallout.