'Fallout 76: Atlantic City - Boardwalk Paradise' Update Now Available---'Season 15: The Big Score' Now Live

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Publisher Bethesda Softworks have announced that the ‘Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise’ update for their online multiplayer title ‘Fallout 76’ is now available across all platforms. Fallout 76 hits the Jersey Shore in an all-new Expedition! Fallout 76: Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise, releasing today, brings the glitzy haven of America’s Playground in this free update for all players. Remember that Fallout 76 is available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC, no crossplay support at this time.

Note that casino-style features may not be available in certain territories, including but not limited to Belgium, Czech Republic, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Libya, Pakistan, Poland and Thailand.


Deemed a “low priority target” when the Great War broke out, Atlantic City is now a premier destination of the wasteland, offering thrilling entertainment, scenic coastal views and even running electricity! Players can now venture out to Atlantic City to complete two new Expedition missions that will get them properly acquainted with the local populace.

Encourage some unsavory business with The Family, Atlantic City’s resident mob, while they try stay off the radar of the Municipal Government keeping the lights on (both literally and figuratively.) Meanwhile, the guild running the city’s entertainment known as The Showmen have a daring gauntlet with glory and riches awaiting those brave (or possibly foolish) enough to enter!

You’ll want to pack more than a spare change of clothes for your trip to Atlantic City, however. Beyond the New Jersey Pine Barrens lie the mutated Overgrown – irradiated, plant-like beasts from deep within the woods encroaching on Atlantic City’s borders. Also keep an eye out for some ferocious lil’ devils spotted in the area – Appalachia isn’t the only place with cryptid spottings, y’know.

This update also marks the start of Season 15—Earn S.C.O.R.E. from playing Fallout 76 and completing challenges to boost your rank and progress through an all-new board full of rewards! Stun the boardwalk in diamond-studded duds, intimidate with the new Conquerer Power Armor paint, unlock new items to jazz up your C.A.M.P. and so much more.


Visit America’s Playground in style with the High Stakes Bundle, available for purchase now and includes the Civic Duty Power Armor Paint, Large Overgrown Plushie, Casino Quarter C.A.M.P. Kit and more!

New to the game? Pick up the Fallout 76: Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise Deluxe Edition to receive both the Fallout 76 base game and the High Stakes Bundle today!


For a limited time, get your own Vault 33 jumpsuit for free from the Atomic Shop! Don’t dawdle, this snazzy piece of Vault-Tec apparel is available in Fallout 76 until December 12.

Play Fallout 76: Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise TODAY in Fallout 76, available on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Fallout 76 is also available on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra. Visit fallout.com to learn more.

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