Fall Guys is coming to Xbox June 21st and will be free-to-play

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2022/05/16/fall-guys-is-coming-to-xbox-june-21st-and-will-be-free-to-play/

It has taken a while, but Fall Guys is coming to Xbox next month. On June 21st Xbox (and Nintendo Switch) players can enjoy the goofy arcade title Fall Guys on their consoles. Simultaneously the game will be free-to-play on all platforms.

While Fall Guys was supposed to release on Xbox a year ago, it is finally coming to Microsoft’s gaming console. And being free-to-play and appearing on Xbox isn’t the only news. The game will also include cross-platform play between all platforms, with cross progression.

Season 7 will launch together with the Xbox release. In the announcement stream today the developers hinted at new stuff coming to the game, including a map builder. But, with the game turning into a free-to-play title we can be assured cosmetics will play a big part.


Fun game. To be honest the costumes have never been very difficult to grind for. I didn’t even need progress to carry over personally. I would’ve been fine with starting from scratch.

2 years too late. 0 interest in it now.


Agree. The 2 year gap is ridiculous. If the game is completely ignored, they only have themselves to blame.

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At the very least, they don’t seem completely oblivious to the market and their place in it. They know no one would buy the game today so they went F2P.


In a live service environment games like this can still thrive even in a situation like this imo

It’s coming to Switch. It’s on the same level as Splatoon and Animal Crossings: New Horizon, perfect for the handhold generation who loves playing online with friends. It’s going to be popular there.


That’s the thing - Switch has Splatoon and Animal Crossings, why would people go after a game that was released 2 years ago on other platforms?

Because it’s F2P and fun.


Good to know it’ll be free to play otherwise it probably would have been dead on arrival.

This game is mirroring a lot of Rocket League. Can’t wait to finally try it.

Not as popular as you think. Peopel would rather play those other games. Especially on switch.

But fair play to them for going F2P. They aren’t completely insane.

It’s there split screen couch co-op for this game. My granddaughter loved it on PlayStation, so I’d like to play it with her.


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