External SSD recommendations?

Hey guys, I currently am enjoying my shiny new Xbox Series X. I have my old 3,5" 4TB HDD hooked up for all the back compat games. But this thing is loud, it actually is louder than the Xbox Series X. So sooner or later I want to replace this HDD for a faster and quieter external SSD.

Any recommendations what to get? Are there even SSD’s this large?

Thanks in advance!

Large and cheap. Not much benefit in going expensive. If you want fast, you can geht the Seagate expansion card.

I bought a WD My Passport Go Portable 500 GB SSD for 45€ If you need more space, got with the cheapest 2TB 2.5’ SATA SSD and just get an enclosure. Maybe get 2

Where are you from?

Hey thanks for answering. I live in the US right now. Is SATA cheaper than the portable Samsung SSD’s? And what do you mean by enclosure? (Sorry english is not my native language)

Normally you get better deals on just a normal SSD compared to branded external SSDs

I talk about something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Tool-free-Enclosure-Optimized-EC-UASP/dp/B00OJ3UJ2S

Ah I see, this SSD Business really isn’t cheap. Hopefully prices will go down fast. But thx.

People feel free to add Deals for SSD’s to this thread.

I’m using this USB Sata adapter and it’s working great. It’s also the one used in the DigitalFoundry tests.


I have it paired with a 4TB Samsung QVO 870. :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t go Samsung QVO. I recommend SanDisk Ultra SSD. Same price, more reliable (imo)

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Both have rubbish warranty terms when you factor in the “whichever expires first” clause, TBW or Years. At least the years expiring first won’t factor into how long the drives could last, while the TBW does.

In the US on Amazon the QVO is generally $70 cheaper for 15% savings. I could have picked up the higher end EVO for $70 more, but opted to put the money towards something else.

  • Sandisk Ultra 4TB: 600 TBW or limited 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Samsung QVO 4TB: 1,440 TBW or limited 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Samsung EVO 4TB: 2,400 TBW or limited 5-year manufacturer warranty