Exoprimal – Reveal Trailer


People asked for Dinos from Capcom, Capcom delivers them.

But it’s no Dino Crisis :frowning:


Looks super generic.

As Andy Cortez said on KF, this looks like the kind of game that will generate lukewarm interest before release and then two weeks after it comes out, the only discussion about it will be how low the Steam concurrent player numbers are.

I kinda love how cheesy it looks. Reminds me of the 360 generation lol. Might pick it up just for that warm cheesy nostalgia.

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This looked pretty cool

Hope it is cross play and can sustain a population

Would be smart of MS to try and snag this on Game Pass, will help population for sure

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This has gamepass “fodder” written all over its face.

Fans: We want the Dinosaur video game

Capcom: Introducing ExoPrimal

Fans: WRONG ONE!!!


Actually, this could be super fun

Why on earth do they show gameplay at 10 frames per second?

Game looked rough as hell

I bet this game would be really fun when it runs well

But it looked awful