Exoprimal is coming to Game Pass day one on July 14th

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Exoprimal is coming to Game Pass for Console, PC, and Cloud. Capcom’s dinosaur hunting third person action game was announced to be releasing on July 14th during today’s Capcom games stream with a surprise announcement of launching day one into Xbox’s subscription service.

This game is just another day one release on Game Pass for what is stacking up to be easily the best year in the history of the service. It also sees yet another Capcom game release day one into the service after Monster Hunter Rise released on Game Pass earlier this year.



Reminds me a bit of a Transformers game.

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Streaming this game’s beta at 5pm EDT

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I just hope this does well and leads to a real third game, in the Dino Crisis series.

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This game is not what I thought, and it’s really damned fun!


This game is more overwatch than anything. It’s a 5v5 PVE focused game, has nothing to do with games like dino crisis at all. It’s pretty much what if overwatch 2’s pve saw you and another group of 5 people fighting dinos instead of robots and at the end you fought each other, in 3rd person.


I know that, I was more meaning if Capcom sees that people like this game that has Dinosaurs maybe they would like another one too. So then either we get a new game or remake of the first two.

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