EXCLUSIVE Interview - The Future of Grounded | Game Director Adam Brennecke On

Listening to the devs talk about this game makes me feel so good about the future… The way they interact with the fans…you can tell the game became definitely became bigger than they anticipated…


Thanks for linking this…watching now. I want to know how I’m going to be scared even more about this game. :slight_smile:

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This game has so much potential!


I really was surprised by how good this was already. I’m not into early access much but I can’t wait to really dive in when the game is done.

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He seems really passionate about the game. It’s good to see.


Really great itw, enjoyed it listening to them. Great questions.

Adam B. seems a really cool guy. I love this game and it’s warming to know they heard our feedback on taming insects lol and so on. So I won’t stop giving feedback…

Grounded is really good, has huge potential and lots of possibilities. Keep it up guys!

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This interview is golden. Everyone with some interest in Grounded should watch it :slight_smile:

Oh cool! Watching it now!

Well, what a coincidence… :wink:

Our very own @KageMaru did an interview with Adam Brennecke too. (And looking at the clothes, on the same day :stuck_out_tongue: )

Check it out here:


Should give it a watch

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