Everything from today's Indie World Showcase also coming to Xbox

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It is a wild week for indie lovers! Only a day after the /twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox event, which brought us tons of new trailers and Game Pass announcements, Nintendo has graced us with another episode of its Indie World Showcase today.

And, as always, some of the games featured on Nintendo’s show are also coming to Xbox. Check them out down below!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Team Reptile’s Jet Set Radio-like game is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2022, with “other platforms to follow about a week later”.

Team Reptile brings you Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, 1 second per second of highly advanced funkstyle. In a world from the mind of Dion Koster, where self-styled crews are equipped with personal boostpacks, new heights of graffiti are reached. Start your own cypher and dance, paint, trick, face off with the cops and stake your claim to the extrusions and cavities of a sprawling metropolis in an alternate future set to the musical brainwaves of Hideki Naganuma.

FAR: Changing Tides

Developed by Okomotive and published by Frontier, FAR: Changing Tides was already announced for Xbox One back in June.

Follow protagonist, Toe, who finds themselves trapped in a drowned landscape with nothing but an abandoned ship to call home. Explore a beautifully realised flooded world, face puzzles both above and below the surface, and experience the thrill of captaining a unique seafaring vessel.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon was originally announced for Xbox Game Pass during March’s Twitch & ID@Xbox event, and a new trailer revealed the game would be releasing today — and it has now shadowdropped into the Game Pass catalogue!

Romance your swords! Capture the hearts of weapons to level them up in this “shack-and-slash” dungeon crawling adventure. For your summer job, you’re tasked with clearing the creatures in “the dunj”. Soon you discover weapons you find transform into cuties… and they’re SINGLE! (What a craaazy coincidence because you also happen to be up for grabs yourself.) Spend the cash you earn on romantic outings to forge precious moments with your lovers and work together to clear the rampant monster infestations, because after all, a couple that slays together, stays together.

Islanders: Console Edition

Coatsink’s Islanders: Console Edition is available now on Nintendo Switch, and it is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on August 26.

ISLANDERS: Console Edition is a relaxing minimalist strategy game about building cities on colourful islands. With simple and intuitive building mechanics, you have the freedom to create your own cities on the rugged cliffs of the game’s islands in half an hour or less. Explore these procedurally generated Islands from lush green grasslands to dry deserts and snowy mountainscapes, expanding your settlements from sprawling villages to vast cities.

Curious Expedition 2

Originally released on PC earlier this year, Curious Expedition 2 has launched today on Nintendo Switch, and it is coming to Xbox later this year!

Curious Expedition 2 is a narrative roguelike set in a reimagined version of the late 19th Century that uses procedural gameplay and story elements to create completely unique and epic adventures every time you play.

Games already available on Xbox

Some of the games that might have caught your attention are already available on Xbox!


Nice! It is very annoying when you watch a platform-specific stream and they act like their competitors don’t exist. I get why they do it, but it makes it hard to get excited for a game announcement! Gonna watch this showcase later with a smile on my face :smiley:


It’s especially funny when five of the showcased games are available on Game Pass! :stuck_out_tongue:

Axiom Verge 2 skipping Xbox is a bummer, though


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is my jam. Damn no Axiom Verge on Xbox :disappointed_relieved:

Far Changing Tides seems interesting for sure…

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Boyfriend Dungeon looks a lot better than I would have imagined from the name and description lol

Ah, and Axiom Verge 2 is coming too. The dev confirmed but said there’s no time frame yet.

Can’t find any indication that Metal Slug Tactics is coming to Xbox either. Guess Ill just play that one on my steam deck.

Yeah i’m gonna skip AV2 for now. Not supporting devs who ignore the Xbox for no reason. At least come out and say it will definitely come later. IF I get it in the future I’ll wait for a huge sale on Switch. Thats if it never comes to Xbox.

Lol chill, indies making exclusives for Xbox are sometimes obligated to not say anything about other platforms as well. Axiom Verge 2 is made by one guy, nowhere surprised he’s taking money from Epic and releasing platform by platform.

How do people expect Sony’s indie program to get better if we don’t grant them the chance to do it?


For small teams it’s difficult to release on multiple platforms at once, doubly so if you’re trying to release as early as possible. Some may opt for this approach as they need money coming in from sales. So that means they release on first platform, fix some bugs from that while working on the next platform. Not every dev shop can go or desires to go a few extra months or even a year to release on multiple platforms at once.

This would be cool if it was only on PC or a PS console. ITs not. Theres no “platform by platform” its every platform at once except Xbox. Axiom Verge 1 actually was on PS4 only…then PC…then Switch and eventually Xbox which took years. My issue is the lack of clarity. The only financial contract hes signed is for Epic games. Nothing relating to consoles.

Like with the above reply. It is releasing on multiple platforms at once. PS4 PC and Switch. Just conveniently leaving out the Xbox.

IF this game was a straight up Switch or PS4 exclusive for a while…You’d have a good point on time constraints or financial backing.

Also even if there isn’t. Why can’t I be a bit annoyed by it? Doesn’t mean I’m right. But I have a right to be upset

My opinion hasn’t changed. I will not be buying this game until it comes out for Xbox. Nothing wrong with that. If it doesn’t come out on Xbox within a year Then I’ll get it on a super cheap PC or Switch sale.

Spelunky 2 is another one. I’ll probably skip that all together.

Can we please stop this circular argument and focus on the games shown, or games you’re excited by? Please. This makes it not fun to be here, especially as a lover of indie games. Please.

I know it wasn’t shown, but I wonder how Nobody Saves the World is coming along, and Shredder’s Revenge? Those are probably my most anticipated games from that scene. Also, anyone see much on that game Greak that’s coming to all platforms I believe next week? The demo is fun, it looks and feels nice.


Ooh yeah, Nobody Saves the World really caught my eye! Gonna have to check out Greak, thanks for the tip.

Turn-Based Carl on Twitter: “@AxiomVerge What happened to the Xbox version?” / Twitter


Fair enough, looking forward to trying it out when it does come. Anybody know if the first one is on Xbox too, or should I just play the Switch version?

It is.


Thanks! I’d rather buy it on Xbox so this works out great for me.

Glad to tune you into Greak. I haven’t heard much about it at all, it just has a cool look and played fairly tight. Reminds me a bit of Wildfire, which also has a demo (at least on Steam). Out of what was shown at this Nintendo event, I’m looking forward to the FAR sequel and I’d be interested in Garden Story. I was never super fond of Axiom Verge, it was ok but not in the top tier of Metroid-likes which there’s no dearth of atm.

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The topic creator made a topic saying every game coming to Xbox. Then realizing barely any of them is.

And it took a twittrr confirmation to say this. That’s fine. Just wanted a official word. That’s not too much to ask. I’ll wait

I read the thread title to mean “this thread is about every game that was in the Direct that will also be on Xbox”, and not “every game shown is also on Xbox”. Does that make sense?