Everyone's Top 5 Games

If this question is asked again tomorrow my answers will probably change, but in no particular order.

1 Mass Effect

2 Dragon Age Origins

3 Baldur’s Gate 2 Shadows of Amn

4 Persona 4 Golden

5 The Witcher 3

Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 10, Titanfall 2, Skyrim

Almost impossible to answer… but in the Greatest of All Time thread, I arrived at the conclusion that Day of the Tentacle was number one for me.

That’s still true, but then it gets trickier, especially since it’s such a diverse artform. Can a simple game like Punch Out really be fairly judged side-by-side with something infinitely more complex like Red Dead Redemption II? Their scope and achievements are so different from one another, it doesn’t seem doable.

Yet, that’s part of the fun of these lists, so here goes:

  1. Day of the Tentacle
  2. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!
  3. Skyrim
  4. Knights of the Old Republic
  5. Syndicate
  1. Chrono Trigger
  2. Tekken 7
  3. KOTOR
  4. FF6
  5. Earthbound

I’m old :smiling_face_with_tear:

  1. Fable 2
  2. Fable - The Lost Chapters
  3. Counter strike
  4. Rocket league
  5. Halo 3