Everyeye.It: "XSX - The Results Of The First Noise Tests, Our Test"

For a few days we have been testing Xbox Series X in depth and obviously we took the opportunity to do a test: we offer you the results of the noise tests we carried out with a sound level meter on Xbox Series X and - for comparison - also on PlayStation 4 PRO.

Before starting, it is good to specify how we carried out the tests. To measure the noise we brought the sound level meter closer to about one centimeter from the Xbox Series X and PS4 PRO body; clearly the results are not indicative of how the noise inside the room will be perceived, since the noise is influenced by many factors, including the distance from the hardware, the positioning of the console, and any reverberation present in the room . Our goal was not to measure the perceived noise, but the emitted one.

During our tests we recorded a value of 22-26 decibels when moving between the Xbox Series X Dashboard , which is extremely positive when you consider that the background noise of the room is measured in 18-25 db . Indeed, in this regard it is worth emphasizing that the sound of Series X, already at a distance of one meter, is completely “overwhelmed” by the noise of the room, and is not perceived in any way: to perceive it, you have to bring your ear closer. just as the sound level meter approaches.

Also in relation to the new Microsoft console, it should be mentioned that during the installation phase from physical support the numbers detected by the sound level meter increase: the console is only in this case more noisy than its younger sister Xbox One X, settling on values ​​of 40- 44 db. It is important to reiterate that this increase is not linked to the noise generated by the optical reader: it is the fan that increases its speed, probably as a precautionary measure, given that no increases in temperature seem to be registered.

Series X’s noise then grows to the 26-31db range with Destiny 2 running , and again we can only praise the hardware’s dissipation system, which does a masterful job of keeping noise down. We saw fit to do a direct comparison with Xbox One X and PS4 PRO , by running the same product, that is the Bungie shooter: in this case we report on the Sony console a range of 63-69db, which is the value recorded in most situations, even if there is it should be mentioned that in Torre, that is in the social space, it drops to around 58-63db, and that in some situations of overcrowding it can even reach 71db. On the other hand, all this variability is not present on Series X, in which the range of values ​​remains substantially constant at almost all times, testifying to an excellent management of dissipation. Microsoft’s mid-gen console (Xbox One X), on the other hand, is quieter than PS4 PRO, but still much noisier than Series X, recording values ​​of 57-61db.

To put some stress on Microsoft’s new hardware, we also measured the fan noise by running a title with Next-gen update: DiRT 5 , in 120fps mode . Although the working temperatures increase by a few degrees and also the energy consumption increases, this does not seem to have a perceptible effect on the noise level, which is around the same range of values ​​recorded with the Bungie shooter (more specifically: 28-31db).

As a further comparison, we recorded other noise figures on the PlayStation 4 PROand Xbox One X. For the Sony console just navigating the HOME screen generated values ​​between 58-61db, while remaining on the Xbox One X dashboard, the values ​​are not too far from those of Series X, around 25-28db. The record share of noise is then up to PS4 PRO, with values ​​of 67-71 db while The Last Of Us Part 2 is running. So let’s summarize the data in the following table:

  • Room 18-25db

  • Xbox Series X Dashboard: 22-26db

  • Xbox Series X Dirt 5 (120 fps): 28-31db

  • Xbox Series X Destiny 2: 26-31db

  • Xbox Series X Installation Disc: 40-44 db

  • Xbox One X Dashboard: 25-28 db

  • Xbox One X Destiny 2: 57-61 db

  • PS4 PRO Dashboard: 58-61db

  • PS4 PRO Destiny 2: 63-69db

  • PS4 PRO The Last of Us Part 2: 67-71 db

A final note: since the recorded values ​​depend on the conditions of the room (in a room with higher temperatures the consoles may have more difficulty in dissipating the heat), this is not “universal” data. The important thing is not the absolute value, but the relative one, or the distance that exists, for example, between the noise of the two consoles when navigating the dashboard. Other tests, carried out with the same instrument but in other conditions or with similar conditions but different instruments, could give different results, but the difference between the various configurations of the table should be kept more or less uniform.

We will be testing again as soon as we get to try next-gen games , clearly today the workload of the system is very different from what will be the real situation after the launch of the console. To give a simple example, Destiny 2 used by us for testing will be updated for Xbox Series X bringing with it a series of optimizations and improvements that will weigh on the computational demand of the system, therefore on the heating, and consequently also on the noise level of the 'hardware, which is precisely linked to the heat dissipation system. For this reason we reiterate that the values ​​shown are indicative of the current situation with current-gen software and console in preview version.


Damn, it is even quieter than the One X? I can barely hear it even when playing right beside it.

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Yep! The Microsoft engineering team did a great job!


What are you talking about it’s overheating and doesn’t have any next gen games! /s

Crazy how good they did, the most powerful console while being probably the quietest and smallest console AND the same price as their competition, crazy.

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Why is this hardware so HOT?

Kudos to Jason Ronald and the entire team for being great engineers :+1:


The Engineering team are Wizards and are clearly using black magic. I sit pretty much next to my Xbox as it’s a desk setup, so this is amazing news.

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The real test will be real XSX games. :wink:

I remember media saying how quiet the One X and yet with every X Enhanced games I wouldn’t call it quiet. But I have faith all is well.

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Looking at you No Man’s Sky, Red Dead, Wolfenstien 2 and any game with an uncapped frame rate in pause menus.

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In which games do you have noise issues with the console?

Mine is so quiet the external drive I have plugged in is louder than it.


Really great article! Thanks for the share!

To be expected lol MS engineers are top tier. Even quieter than the X1X is insane.

Jason Ronald and his team should be given a big raise. Can’t wait to have the console!


No problem.

I sit right beside my console and it has always sounded like a jet engine with those games.

I only say 140mm fans. Those do wonder. Also just one that also rotates slower than smaller fans had to do. Was always a fan of the cooling design. Splitting the mobo into 2 parts and integrate them on a piece of metal that works as an additional heatsink to distribute heat away from the components is a plus too. Airflow of the console is top notch for its size and performance. You can’t deny that.

TL;DR: Praise :wink:


Really smart design nobody can deny that. Pure genius thinking to split the motherboard.

Mine too, and its a day 1 scorpio edition that spends most of its day turned on, every day

No matter what games, its always inaudible

On the other hand, I’ve bought two ps4s and a ps4pro thinking that I got a lemon console about their sound, but alas…

I have a day one scorpio too and is only really noisy on games that push the console to the limit. How far away do you sit from your console? Might be a distance thing.

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xbone x is a desktop setup, console is at arm’s length. left of tv I have the xbox and 3 external drives, right of the tv I have a laptop that uses the tv as an extended monitor. I open the laptop and clean it every ~3 months because that’s the only thing I can hear when sitting there

ps. I use the vertical stand that came with the console. my x has never stood horizontaly even for one day. I don’t think that this makes a difference, but its worth noting

ps2. I just downloaded a decibel app and tested. I put the mobile phone on top of the console both with Horizon 4 and COD demo. Clocks between 43-47db. Laptop is recently cleaned so at idle clocks around 50-52db, and if I open the window then the phone jumps to 58-65db because of ambient noise from outside. I also have a small usb fan on the side, and if I put the phone below that, it goes 61db with windows closed

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I sit at around 3m from it. I have a HT setup and usually play it quite loudly lol.

But for example I can hear the eventual spin of the external drive. I definitely can hear my gaming laptop that’s around as loud as the Pro, but I can never hear my X, like never.


I’m gonna install the decibel app and see what it says. Will report back soon :+1:

There are many apps. I d/l’d the one called sound meter - splend apps, if you want to use the same