Every post launch character in Marvel’s Avengers game will require a $10US Battle Pass system to unlock cosmetics. This is 1 pass per character


Although the heroes themselves and the stories and events they’ll bring with them remain totally free of charge, the developer has opted to lock the Hero Challenge Card behind a small fee of 1,000 credits. Credits can only be bought with real-world money and while you’ll earn a small amount from the base game’s six heroes, whose cards are all unlocked for the player at launch. It’s likely that, as the roster expands, you’ll need to spend a little if you’re chasing all of those fancy skins, nameplates, and signature takedowns.

Remember, these rewards deliver fun in-game cosmetic enhancements and effects, but they do not provide a gameplay advantage,” the blog post reads. The post also makes a case that once you progress through the some-40 tiers of a hero’s card, you’ll earn back that 1,000 credit activation cost as well as all of the content within which “has a value of over 12,500 credits

I find it weird that the game has opened so many different avenues of monetisation, from console exclusive characters to company exclusive skins and now to a battle pass system like this. If datamining is to be believed there’s 20 potential characters to drop over their life span of the game so that’s up to $200 to get everything in the game not including your time spent grinding each pass.

Just how much money did square Enix sink into avengers?

Ahhh, so THIS is how they get away with making the characters “free”.

A lot apparently they sold IO Interactive for money to use on avengers

AFAIK io interactive was released from the company on a mutual agreement, without any third party publisher involved.

So if I buy a battle pass for this game, can I earn new 1000 credits through it like it’s possible in warzone, fortnite and similar games, or we have to buy it again and again with real money? If it’s the former, I’m fine with it, if it’s the latter, it’s awful.

Square withdrew the funding that was for IO and apparently that money was used for avengers

I see. That’s something different from selling io interactive. So they bet a lot on avengers.


It is actually a great model and it has been praised a lot at the game’s subreddit. I will try to explain why:

  1. Every future playable update will be free. Everything, from new heroes to new regions and story missions. All at no additional cost;
  2. The microtransactions in the game are cosmetics only: outfits, takedowns, emotes and nameplates. Many cosmetics can also be acquired with in-game currency;
  3. There are a free and a premium challenge card for each hero. You complete daily and weekly challenges to earn points and unlock stuff from outfits to even credits - the currency you can buy with real money;
  4. The premium challenge card for each post-launch hero will cost 1.000 credits, which is around $10. But the premium challenge for each of the six base game heroes will be free for everyone. By completing those free premium cards you can earn enough credits to buy the post-launch heroes cards without ever spending real money;
  5. There are no seasons. You can complete the cards at your own pace. There will be no fear of missing out.

The game might not be your cup of tea, but the monetization model is actually kinda friendly. See, the plan is to support the game for years to come. I much prefer the actual playable content to be free and the microtransactions being cosmetics only than the Destiny model.

It is like guaranteeing a Forsaken, Shadowkeep and Beyond Light-like expansion for free in the future. It is great!

More information in here:

The Spider-Man exclusivity is still really really bad, though.


Thanks Bruno for posting that information because I was going to buy the game for PS4 Pro and just go through whatever the game has but since it’s only cosmetics that have to be paid for and all the story missions, side quests, etc. remain free, I will stay on course and buy the game digitally for Xbox Series X.

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No problem! I have seen a lot of misinformation going around, which pains me a bit since I do not think the game deserves the hate it is receiving.

To expand a little further about being able to pay for the post-launch heroes challenge cards with the credits you earn in game, here is the first page of Iron Man’s challenge card:

See, when you reach level 3 you get 100 credits (the currency bought with real money), besides some cosmetics and resources. Each card for each hero has 40 levels, and you will be able to get enough credits by completing a challenge card to actually buy the next premium challenge card!

The challenges are the ones present at the bottom of the screen (two daily and two weekly), and usually involves killing a certain number of enemies in a certain way.

Besides, we will get Iron Man, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Thor and Hulk’s challenge cards for free. That is enough to afford many challenge cards in the future.

Even if I decide to spend $10 and unlock everything from a future premium challenge card, I will automatically get enough credits to buy the next card without spending money.

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Every new thing about this game makes it worse. What they showed last night was awful and the game itself couldn’t make you feel any less like a superhero if it tried.

I’ll end up getting it probably for cheap at some point. Like £10. This should have been one of the few day one games for me.

Not a fan of this at all. If you want to keep up with multiple characters you need to drop a huge sum from the start, and the only way to get it back is to grind REALLY HARD. The game does not seem to be good enough to warrant that level of commitment to me.


I think this is absolutely a great way of providing free DLC updates for a game like this. You get the characters for free and can play them before deciding if you will want to invest in the cards. Fine by me. A good model.

The ones you get at the start are free too. So no upfront extras. Not till they add free characters.

The Spider-Man exclusivity is not good but I blame Sony entirely for that BS.

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You don’t have to drop anything. Each hero comes with a free premium hero card at launch which you can earn 1000 each from. So you can earn up to 6000 free credits for future card purchases.

Agreed. For someone like me who wouldn’t mind playing Avengers on a consistent basis when new characters get added, im happy that I don’t have to pay for any of the content that I actually want to play. All the cosmetic stuff is of no interest to me so I can ignore all of that while still being able to play the story lines for all the characters that get added post launch.

I blame Square Enix 75% and Sony 25%. Doesn’t matter if a company is offering you a deal because you can decline it but if you accept it, that’s more on the company that accepts the deal. Square Enix took paydays for Spider Man character DLC content, Final Fantasy VII Remake episodes and Project Athia. It’s much more on Square Enix for simply taking the money up front instead on declining. I’m expecting Square Enix to do this with all of their titles as long as the studio developing the game is an internal one. I’m fully expecting Final Fantasy XVI to be next on their list.

I really, really don’t see the problem. The cards never expire (like battle passes do) and you can earn credit to buy the next one? Seems extremely generous.

I love that there’s no FOMO with this game. Makes me feel good about waiting to get it until after the Series X launches, if I am so inclined.

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