Every game on xcloud has touch controls now (Beta app on Android store)

Didn’t see a thread about this but this is huge news in my opinion.

Anybody has access to downloading the beta app assuming you are on an Android device.

Only thing needed now for xcloud is the ability to play any owned game, not just those on GamePass.


It’s really nice to have touch controls for all the games

But a simple controller layout isn’t sufficient

Optimization is a must

Also, why touch controls are not available for remote play. That’s a mystery to me

I haven’t liked any touch controls in any game, yet. I thought it would be a shoe-in for turn based games. Yet I still dont like it.

I upgraded to a Galaxy S22 Ultra to try and get a good experience. Now I feel I have a “phone” that’s too big and a screen that’s too small for gaming even if I use the PowerA MOGA XP5-X Bluetooth controller that holds my phone horizontally.