Eurogamer, Xbox Series S review: next-gen gaming on a budget - and in style

In many ways a contentious product, Xbox Series S is definitely a great idea - and perhaps the right console at the right time. If you’re not a hardcore gamer and you’re looking for a ‘Game Pass machine’, this is a brilliant offering - there’s enough space out of the box for handling a smaller selection of titles, and the lack of an optical drive isn’t really an issue. Similarly, if you’ve purchased PS5 but you’re interested in Game Pass or Microsoft’s first-party wares, you can buy a Series S knowing that the subs offering is still potent, and that Microsoft’s first-party wares will be expertly handled in their transition to the lower powered console. And despite so many seemingly brutal cuts to the core specification, I had a great time playing games on it - yes, there are compromises, but I think anyone buying the machine will go in knowing that they won’t be getting the absolute state of the art.


Nice to see such a detailed review that takes into account what the box is designed to do. Of course there are compromises as you get what you pay for but as of now the series S meets it’s design goals admirably. It’s not for me but a cheaper way for people to access next gen is a great thing to have considering that with the current HW landscape slim and pro version of these consoles will be a long time coming (if we ever see them).


It’s total insanity to think about what value this system really offers. Things like raytracing and 120fps on a 300 bucks system. Price and tech wise it puts the Switch to shame to be honest.


On the topic of the Series S, has anyone seen reports of failed systems with those? I don’t think I have so far.