Eurogamer: The Xbox Series X is the least console-feeling console I've had


This is a console that, like the PS5, is coming roughly six to eighteen months earlier than its truly tentpole games, but a few days with the Series X tells me it doesn’t really need them. It’s the console itself I actually want.


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Damn, corrected, thanks for the heads-up. :+1:

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Fantastic article!

To be fair a more PC/smartphone like upgrade experience is inevitable for consoles. Making an entirely brand knew OS has so many disadvantages for more grander unified echosystems. I get the nostalgia of that knew console feel, but as far as 2D screens go the benefits outwiegh the benefits of having a completely new OS.

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Great article, and I 100% get what they are saying.

I am ridiculously hyped about getting it and playing games on my C9. It doesn’t really bother me about no launch games taking full advantage of the console.

Yup, same deal. I have too many games in my back catalog as is, and applying auto-HDR on them, throwing them into Quick Resume, drastically reducing their load times, stabilizing their framerates and so on is a mighty exciting prospect for them. There’s games I can barely even play due to their hit and miss performance or due timesink of having to load the game, walk to a certain point and so on. Feels like most of these issues will be gone, on the back catalog at least.

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Shame Medium pushed out a month from launch, but for me this will pretty much mirror xbox 1 launch window where I played Ryse, Ass Creed Black Flag and Dead Rising 3 (free as I got one with a broken drive) until other stuff started coming through. With Gears tactics, AC Valhalla and Falconeer first up (all of tose optimised for the series consoles)

I’ll pretty much be set with just Cyberpunk and Call of Duty lol.

Yea in a covid world where tons of games are getting delayed huge upgrades to BC and major Series x updates to games was a smart move.

The true next gen games will come but in the meantime the console itself is worth it just for current gaming improvements.

Yea things were really bare bones at the start of last gen on the OS side. Glad they are just improving the current OS

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I think a fair point is that for £350 the Series X even without blockbuster new games is a cracker. But £450 does feel like it needs some sort of showcase to help push it and whilst it will sell out initially I do think BC and enhancements are a hard sell to the gaming public. The real issue though is less of a showcasing one and more of an association one. PS5 launches with Spiderman and the association with the brand and having something people associate with PS builds. Without Halo there isn’t much general public association with Xbox at this launch and for me that’s a weakness. The Bethesda purchase will hopefully in the longer run change this. plenty of characters to become Xbox mascots.