Eurogamer: Devs need to do native ports to get PS4 games running at 120fps on PS5; For Xbox Series consoles its a 'minor patch'


…Rocket League is in a similar boat to Warzone: the hugely popular football driving game has been updated to run at 120fps on Xbox Series X, but not on PS5. Why?

Developer Psyonix told Eurogamer there were a few reasons for the decision, and pointed out enabling 120fps on PS5 “requires a full native port”, whereas it’s just a “minor patch” on Xbox Series X and S.

“Our team’s main focus this year was our recent free to play transition and updating major features like our Tournaments system,” Psyonix said.

“Due to this we had to make tough decisions on what else we could achieve. Enabling 120hz on Xbox Series X|S is a minor patch, but enabling it on PS5 requires a full native port due to how backwards compatibility is implemented on the console, and unfortunately wasn’t possible due to our focus elsewhere.”

This seems pretty clear cut, and goes some way to explain why we’re a lot less likely to see PS4 games running at 120fps on PS5 than we are to see Xbox One games running at 120fps on Xbox Series X and S.


Yeah, this was explained by Richard from DF during their video about backwards compatibility, and how Microsoft allows developers to apply ‘simple’ patches to existing games to run at higher frame rates. From what I understand it is ‘just’ lifting the frame rate cap and allowing the existing backwards compatibility system to do the rest.



Both the platforms have there own advantage when it comes to what type of APIs and Development Kit environment they provide to game developers.

Xbox BC approach makes things like this happen.

PS5 approach made games run better on launch.

Things will catch-up on both the systems with time.


Yeah, MS made a clever decision to include API calls in the Xbox One dev environment to detect if code runs on Xbox One or on Xbox Series S | X. So Xbox One code can detect newer hardware and run different settings and resolution. In contrast PS4 game code knows nothing about the PS5.


And as shown by gears 5 even some dx12 features are exposed like that such as VRS.

(And I also suspect the minecraft rt demo was running with XDK and not GDK, so likely even raytracing is available)


Thats certainly possible and makes sense. Microsoft had to prototype the directx12 ultimate stuff years ago somewhere together with their hardware partners in Visual Studio 2017 and an older Windows SDK.


Do you think this could apply to upcoming games like Dragon Quest 11 and Cyberpunk for Series S? Seeing as how those games run at 30fps on One S.

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In theory yes, although it is entirely up to the developer whether they wish to do it. With Cyberpunk it is different because a next gen patch is coming for it.

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So did the recent borderlands 3 update require a full re-download on ps5 for its improvements?

Is it possible that this is a reason for some SX games not performing up to expectations? For example if PS5 games are native ports it’s quite possible that this allows developers to take more advantage of the hardware but Xbox Series S/X games are just the Xbox one version with the extra bells and whistles those consoles allow, like going from a low end PC to a mid-high end PC, obviously this is all speculation on my part with no actual facts to back it up but it is something interesting to think about.

I believe this is one of the problems of using the GDK.

If so I don’t know how Microsoft didn’t make sure things like this wouldn’t happen before launch, in many games PS5 is actually looking like a more powerful console in these early comparisons, realistically SX was never going to have huge advantages, just a 15-20% advantage which could’ve meant maybe a bit better resolution or frame rate but graphics were pretty much going to be the same on both and now PS5 is looking like it’s better and there are people watching those comparison videos that many not know any better, while it won’t be like that the entire generation by the time SX starts showing its advantages it won’t be as drastic as these early days for people to care… Oh well, hopefully not a big deal.

You may blame Xbox development team, or maybe blame covid situation. But if things improve in future, present situation won’t matter.

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