Epic Games v. Google Court Case - Law & Order Special Episode Gaming

Illustration by Cath Virginia / The Verge

Ooooh this will have some implications!




I did NOT expect that outcome even though the actual actions obviously were anti competitive.


No a Sweeney fan but I despise Google so big dub, I’m sure MS is very happy too


MS will be very happy! Someone (possibly MS) just need to topple the IOS store now.

I wonder if this judgement gives Epic some credence to go back after Apple (with a jury this time).


and yet somehow Apple continues to get away with it’s shit.


Wow, did not expect this. Makes you wonder Apple is worse though right?

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Lets see what Epic manages to get but if the obtain the thing the care the most (even with some caveats) this has huge ramifications for the entire industry.

I believe in the coming years (heck, we could be talking even decades) this will inevitably impact consoles and Im 100% sure Microsoft wont hesitate to “sacrifice” the Xbox console for their app to be in everywhere.


I think its just a matter of time for them too.



I’m curious as to what the difference was in the decision on why Epic vs Google sided with Epic while Epic vs Apple sided with Apple. We won’t ever know without deep interviews with the jury in Google and reading the decision of the Judge in Apple cases. I wonder if part of the deciding factor was Apple only putting it on their own devices versus Google trying to force it on all Android, even devices made and released by third parties.

Should be something to dig into tomorrow as more details come about.

More interesting will be the remedies presented or thought about come January.



I get a feeling next year Microsoft is going to go full throttle in all fronts.

It will take years for this to settle and we dont know if Epic main wish will be desired but if and/or when that happens it will benefit MS. I think they are supporting Epic on this or was in the Apple case? Dont remember.

What will benefit MS “short term” is the DMA in the EU next year but again, it is not something people should expect to bear fruit inmediately.

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Lets see what the remedies will be and how the appeal goes. This could have major consequences for all closed plattforms. Would make consoles from Microsoft and Sony basically very expensive or not worth it anymore.

Anyway Tim Epic will be more insufferable than before.