Epic Games v. Apple Court Case - Law & Order Special Episode

And people ask why Sony many hate sony? Scumbag of a company.

I think you’re missing the point. Sony are greedily forcing epic to pay them and other companies.

That’s why genshij impact doesn’t have crossplay. Because the publishers said fuck you to Sony and their shitty revenue royalties.

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I haven’t been since ps2 era. Sure I’ve bought their consoles because of the great exclusives but I don’t think I’ve paid for ps plus or for more than 3 months total since it began. Pa5 when I get one will be an exclusive box. This is why I want 3rd party exclusives on pc and xbox asap. So i don’t have to use that thing to play games unless it’s 1st party.

This isn’t just about some people who play on PS and then buy skins on Xbox only to use them on PS. Remember now PS is the platform of choice globally and in a lot of poorer nations may have a 90% market share. So if they have a larger user base but comparatively lower revenue (per user/hrs played) compared to those with hyper expensive phones for example, then Sony gets to penalize the developer. This can trigger with 100% of the users being on a single platform but where a non-Sony platform has users who spend more on average globally.

Essentially Sony can leverage their larger user base many of which may not be able to afford microtransactions, against say Xbox who lets say has a lead in North America with more “whales” and a much higher dollar per user spend. I’m sure average iPhone user can afford to spend more on MTX than PS user globally, especially since mobile gamers probable tend to spend more on those things by default anyway.

Now this is likely more of a anti-crossplay “well we get to say we support it but don’t actually want to” move where they make it so it isn’t worth it for developers and can let them take the blame while hiding behind their NDAs.

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It is not a standard clause. Sony is the only one that demands a share of revenue made on other platforms/ecosystems just because there is a PS account on their platform when cross-play is allowed.


Doesn’t surprise me sony do these kind of things, if you have observed them closely (early ps4 era, n.korea hack etc) you know they are ruthless killers in business, wallstreet ruthless types.

Really bad look on Sony here. With a new generation just starting, I hope they have less pull to force these kinds of deals.


EPIC did that with the intention of being removed from the store so they could file suit. That was them poking the bear. It isn’t scummy to do that when they literally told Apple ahead of time they were going to after negotiations with Apple broke down (due to Apple dismissing their concerns). EPIC is not attempting to ‘open a store’ on PlayStation. Instead, they were reaching out to try making the layer experience for their game better when Sony stood as the roadblock to that.

EPIC offered Sony some super lush deals and Sony could not be bothered since it didn’t make them $$. Sony put their bottom line ahead of the experience of their own players and their dev partners when there was no justification to do so. The deal they eventually agreed to basically uses their playerbase as a hostage, only granting EPIC access for a fee. It’s literally anti-consumer and anti-developer behavior.


It certainly is not a standard clause to have insight into the internal financials of a company and profiting from their success. If Apple has a better store for buying v-bucks, why can Sony mandate to be compensated for their own lacking store? This makes no sense, we are also talking about a F2P game, this means free to play, not fee to pay :woman_shrugging:


LOL yep, their “worry” with the children stopped the moment Epic accepted to sign the check.

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Yeah, but Epic is one of its major allies and Tencent funded, so there are bad guys everywhere you look, lmao.

What exact laws are Epic accusing apple of?

I get that epic does not think a general computing platform should not take a cut on other platforms on the apple apple platform, but i dont know if its breaking any laws i mean it is apples platform and they are entitled to set the terms and conditions.

One thing I thought is how come apple dont take 30% of every amazon sale when people use the Amazon app from the apple app store. Because one could argue that fortnite and amazon are both stores, the only difference being is fortnite sells digital items and amazon sells physical + digital, why does Amazon get a pass?

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Who should we be rooting for here?

The one whose decisions align with those of the customer.

In this case Epic, in my opinion.

Because Amazon has been given special deals along with some other companies. Just another argument against apple, I believe the details of these deals are out too.


Epic’s case is actually weak here. But the problem for Xbox and the others is if they remove Unreal engine off the store.

It is not really about Apple’s store cuts. They want to sell their own Fortnite stuff through a side load via their own store. - for a discount.

Meanwhile, Apple has sneakily started offering 15% cuts for small devs.

This part is Xbox v Apple. Or cloud streaming v Apple.

So i have a question. What happens when Sony makes way more revenue from Fortnite than the plattform ratio? Do they compensate Epic or the other plattform holders for that? lol


Hehe. You know the answer to that one. LOL

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If it wasn’t legal for Microsoft (who make the hardware and the software of a ton of PCs) to bundle fucking Internet Explorer with Windows and to make third-party browsers more difficult to install on their OS, why should it be legal for Apple to ban all third-party stores and software on iOS?

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Apple doesn’t ban every store. Amazon is on iOS and Apple doesn’t get a cut. I hope Epic mentions this in court.

Yeah but Amazon still needed Apple’s permission.