Epic Games and Apple are going to court over Fortnite in the AppStore

So, is your short-sighted interest to play games that YOU want on the Apple store, you are willing to take everything down - bring down the system just to prove a point. If Apple cannot make its own rules for its store, that means that Amazon cannot either. Or Google. Or Microsoft, Wal-Mart, or even poor little Sally down the street with her online store that she is trying to set up. Or the REALLY great part here, EPIC. As for any complaint about Apple - simple response is that there is an alternate store you can go to that’s even larger on Android if you don’t like the policies. In the meantime, EGS will probably never have a presence on the Apple store probably ever again, which means billions of dollars lost from the little kids charging stuff to their parents credit cards …

Do you really think courts want to make policy?

Apple has a legal right to make their rules, especially when other developers agree to them, and if you don’t like them - there are plenty of viable alternatives. There is no monopoly. No skin off Apple’s back at all. And no, before you ask - I don’t work for Apple. I simply believe in Capitalism. Now stepping off my soapbox, I will not say another word on this topic

And Google just kicked out Fortnite as well (breaking news) - good going EGS!!! I’m laughing at their stupidity in the effort to gain an extra 10% of billions of dollars …

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I think you may be working yourself into a shoot, brother.

Yeah, that’s why I’m done. However, with Google following Apple’s lead it sure gets interesting

Do you think the 30% fee Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Google and Valve are asking is appropriate? And if not, do you think other companies have any chance of challenging those companies on that policy?

Big tech companies with their walled gardens have a lot of power. The European Union isn’t fighting these walled gardens (we all remember the Microsoft trials and the IE situation). Big tech companies should be challenged at all times.

Does Epic have a chance? Who knows. But I don’t see why we shouldn’t support Epic in this case.

Yes, I do think it’s appropriate. If you don’t like the terms of service, there are alternatives - that is capitalism at its finest. It’s a free market system, with alternatives. And obviously both Google and Apple agree.

Well, I guess I just disagree that this is capitalism at its finest.

The only alternative is Google’s Android. A duopoly holding to a 30% fee that doesn’t make any sense in this day and age. Just look at how much effort Epic has to go through to compete with Valve, as they are the de facto games supplier on PC. Making a platform like that is hard, so respect to the likes of Apple and Google for pulling it off.

But, it also makes sure we’re just in an endless duopoly. Meanwhile they are bringing in services competing with other service companies (Apple Arcade, Stadia, Apple Music, etc.).

I sense you are a big fan of pure capitalism with as little government involvement as possible. I just think we should protect customers from duopolies and anti-competitive practices.

And if that hurts Microsoft, then I really don’t give a shit. They are a trillion dollar company, they’ll find a way to make money.

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This thing probably means it could also happen on Xbox and playstation, right? I mean if you buy something for fortnite in the Xbox store, Microsoft also gets a cut and Epic is probably not allowed to circumvent that there either, right?


Gotta admit, this is pretty brilliant as a PR campaign. Wonder if others will join in (MS, for instance).

Wonder what happens.

I was just playing fortnite and I chuckled when they showed the 1984 ad spin off. Will this really effect apple though? Sure you will get lots of fortnite fans trolling there social media and some mainstream news outlets will report it, but I doubt it will effect iphone and mac sales

The lawsuit is what really could effect them.

Epic will probably lose, the terms of the app store are pretty clear, apple must get there 30% cut.

The hope is that the suit and the public puts enough pressure on that that Apple decides to change their policy and it never goes to court, I’m sure. Ultimately, Apple does want Fortnite on their store.

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Unfortunately whoever wins, we lose.

When capitalism largely benefits those already in power, I wouldn’t call this the finest example of the system. It’s not a free market and there aren’t other alternatives if you want your app or game on iOS, Xbox, Playstation, etc.

Do I think it all needs to be burned down? No, but there should be some pushback on the standard 30% cut.

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You can say about Epic what you want but when it comes to level the playing field for competition they do a good job. I mean they forced Sony to allow cross-play with other platforms for the first time (anyone remember #forTheKids?). While Apple is a completely different animal, this could be the first building block to force Apple to change their monopolistic practices on the iOS App Store. It would benefit us all. And same standards for all MS and Google may have to change too.

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If you already had Fortnite on your iPhone, can you still play it?

Yes, until an update …

I get where they are coming from but by god is that ad brutal. The Apple ad made some sense as a “scrappy upstart”, but Epic is a massive firm with ties to a company that regularly invades privacy in Orwellian ways (Tencent) that is calling upon an audience of kids to chew out another multibillion dollar corporation. Say what you will about when we go “fight” for Microsoft, they aren’t rallying people up anywhere to this degree, and they aren’t getting kids to fight their battles.

It just… irks me. Don’t get me wrong, Apple sucks here too and I’m mostly on Epic’s side. I just don’t like their approach here.


Well, Epic is screwed. They are sueing Google as well - which is their right. But really, really stupid as it just dilutes any arguement they may have had

Epic vs Apple and Google. I’m going to enjoy watching Epic fail miserably. Fortnite has made Sweeney into a moron, and the world would be a better place without these dumb F2P types of games anyway. Maybe those come under fire in a countersuit for “gambling for minors”. Seen something like that before

And wait until Epic’s own practices are brought into the picture.