Emotional Developer asks Xbox fans to buy his work - Hypercharge


Who’s in? I actually already had made a mental note to look out for this one when I saw it a few weeks ago, I think it looks pretty good, but I’m even more likely to grab a copy now.

Bummer though, it’s tough for everyone out there.


Yeah, the trailer from a few weeks ago already had me interested. Will pick it up for sure.


I hope people buy the game.

He seems like a great fellow and human being.

Also, am sure folks will buy it.


Perhaps a better headline would be “Joe Henson from Digital Cybercherries becomes emotional during Hypercharge Unboxed announcement for Xbox”.

The current title comes across a bit degrading IMO, it’s hard putting all your hard work out there especially in front of critical gamers!


Is it out?

I see, May 31st.

No derision intended, have updated title.

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I’m in.


Was already toying (ha) with getting this but have bitten the bullet and pre-ordered. Dev seems like a good guy - hes offering to send codes to folks who cant afford at present so least i could do to support the game. It looks like great fun too.

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Yes I really like the look of this. This I might buy because I am always interested in a good co-op experience.

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I was really thinking about buying this one a few weeks ago, so I’ll go ahead and do it, game looks fun

Just bought it. Looks like alot of fun.

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It’d be pretty cool to get a lot of pledges to buy it. A video game love bomb.

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