Embracer Group acquires 4A Games

“With the acquisition of 4A Games, Saber Interactive is locking-up one of the best indie studios in the industry with the potential and capacity to take on another AAA project and are also internalizing the value of existing and future IPs into the Group. Saber solidifies its position as a leader in the CIS and Ukrainian game developer market. Combining our technology and capabilities with 4A Games presents tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion” says Matt Karch, CEO Saber Interactive Inc., Director of the Embracer Board.

Sooooo, that’s out of the picture.

Next stop, Asobo.

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Good get for them. I still need to play Exodus. Now if THQ Nordic games day 1 on gamepass tho :eyes::hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

It’s actually amazing how many studios embracer group acquired. I’m really looking forward to play the new Kingdoms of Amalur RMK.

It’s not often THQ Nordic acquires triple A studios. They’ve got a bunch of new studios.

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Wonder what this will mean for the future of 4A, as in new IPs or just continuing the metro series

Kinda feel that MS buying 4A was never really in the picture, just another studio people thought was an option as they had no owners

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4A is working on a multiplayer game next to the new Metro title.

Oh man, I didn’t expect that…

I feel like it was never in the picture for Microsoft. They don’t have a big presence in the region 4a is in so management may be difficult.

Another factor is probably They don’t own the Metro IP and they have only made metro. So if you acquire them you then probably almost have to buy the metro IP and at that point your trying buy an IP from a position of weakness.

As while they are talented, we haven’t ever seen them make an IP from scratch. Thats a different skillset and process in some ways.

Yeah for me it was strictly wishful thinking because those devs are some of the most talented in the industry (in my opinon).

Worked today so just read this earlier on GamingBolt.

So fucking happy!!! Love 4A Games and the Metro series plus THQ Nordic is my #1 AA publisher and quickly becoming a top 5 publisher for me going into next gen. All I need now is for them to acquire Airship Syndicate and I may very well be the happiest bastard on the planet!!! LMAO.

Embracer Group doing all the leg works for MS. Phil only need to acquire Embracer.

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