Embracer closes Square Enix Montreal (Onoma), moves some into Eidos Montreal

The old Square Enix Montreal Studio, recently renamed to Onoma, has been closed by Embracer. Some employees will move to the Eidos Montreal Studio.



All sounds great to me. Hoping that Microsoft eventually acquires Crystal and Eidos after the ABK deal closes as I don’t see Embracer wanting to spend $100M+ on each Crystal and Eidos AAA title.


It took me a couple reads to read it properly as Square Enix Montreal and not Eidos Montreal. So at first the tweet didnt make much sense. Then after decompressing after a long technically taxing day, it all made sense.


How do you let a studio rename itself and then shut them down 3 weeks later


Well, the name was not that great anyway :man_shrugging: It sounds too close to enema :rofl:

Embracer ate too much and now needs an onoma


Begging for studios to be more creative when naming new dev teams I can’t keep up with all the company name plus city names anymore

In a time where support studios are in short supply, getting help from talented, accomplished AAA studios like Eidos and CD are wins. They’ve now created pathways for these employees to move over to Microsoft if Embracer continues to cut or be a workplace with questionable job security.


I will go further and say that it won’t be surprising if Embracer actually decides to sell Eidos and CD at a premium to MS in the medium future.

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I will go further and say that Square selling Crystal Dynamics while Microsoft had its hands tied was the worst business decision they’ve ever made… And this is Square we’re talking about so that means they really f’d up.

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Wonder if this Eidos Fable deal was before the buyout by Embracer, it raises the question if SQE was nearly bought by Microsoft but then Activision happened and was an opportunity they couldn’t miss.

Its sad to see this studio getting closed, i really liked Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go on Windows Phone :cry:

Just imagine if SE didn’t sell all their Western studios, more shutdowns and layoffs probably.

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A glimmer of a hope for more Deus Ex? I’ll take it.