Elite 2 controller disconnecting from Series X lately

Hello, I though it was a Hellblade 2 issue where my Elite 2 controller kept disconnecting every few mins but it started happening in other games like Starfield as well.

It must have started within the last week or so. I’ve updated my controller firmware and it still continues.

Anyone know if this is a wide spread issue?

Is the controller still on when it happens, or does it go completely off?

I had a One controller do this in the past, it would just go dead despite a recent charge but then turn back on and run for a short while - tracked it to the rechargeable battery pack I used that seemed to no longer be able to give the required power level for any length of time (despite showing fully charged).

Not sure if the Elite 2’s battery is replaceable if that is the case though…

If it’s just disconnecting but staying on, it suggests it could be the wireless connectivity - I’m guessing other controllers aren’t having the issue so it’s probably the Elite 2 rather than your console?

Could try connecting the Bluetooth on it to your phone or PC/laptop - if that works without disconnecting, then it suggests it is the Xbox wireless receiver…

Regardless, is it still under warranty, or just recently out of it? If you’ve got a Microsoft call centre in your country it could be worth trying them either way, as they used to be really helpful and often send out replacements without issue - nowadays with all the AI and chatbots involved though you might struggle :frowning:

I have the Elite V2 too, but it’s the core one, the white with black one. No issues yet. If you got warranty at store I’d go there immediately. Wish you could uninstall these kind of firmware updates.

Yea it’s weird, I’ve had it a couple of years with no issue and just cropped up this week, to late to return just trying to see if this is a wider spread issue

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I haven’t had any issues with mine, but it’s barely 2 months old.

One feature I did not know about until last weekend, is if you double-tap the sync button on the controller it will swap between 2 different connections. This is meant to be able to have it synced with an Xbox and a BlueTooth device such as a PC. You then easily switch between them with a double-tap.

When it disconnects, is the controlling blinking white on the nexus lights, like it’s trying to pair? If it does behave like it’s pairing, then maybe your controller “sync” button is malfunctioning and registering as being double-tapped or even being held down?

I had a similar issue with my Elite Core as well. Happened a few times about a week or so ago, I just had to play with it plugged in. Has been fine unplugged the last few sessions though so I’m not sure what it was.

I unplugged my Series X and restarted. At least for yeaterday it fixed my issue.