Elden Ring |OT| Rise Tarnished & Become The Elden Lord (of the dance!)

Use the Mohg palace bird. Can get 100k in like 2 minutes.


It’d be pretty wild if they didn’t, especially with how well ER is selling. But they usually release DLC for most of their games anyway. It’ll be cool to see what they add to the game though.

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yeah lost my 80k+ I got from beating Ringleader last night, just exploring the surrounding area after, died to that goddamn red wolf and on the way back just made a small error on Torrent near an edge of a cliff and fell to death lmfaooo. Was a bit mad at the start, but now couldn’t care less. The Mohg farm is hilarious and quick enough so it’s not as bad as this kinda thing happening early to mid game.

There it is, finally finished the game,120 hours in.

Possibly the longest playthrough I’ve done on a singleplayer game, gadeim.

Definitely one of the best games ever made no doubt, but does come with some caveats, I must admit.

Will gather my thoughts and post em here tomorrow-ish. Have a lot of em haha.

Until then, good night!


Just beat the game, and the last boss is awful imo and really disliked the mechanics. This was my first time beating a souls game and enjoyed it for the most part and felt this game def feels it does a bit more hand holding since you can grind if having trouble and use ashes. However I feel that’s a great thing, but the last phase of game really made this game lose point for me and have it at about a 8/10

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Basically Me to the final boss of this game:

Seriously though this is my favorite game this gen so far. Can’t wait for the DLC.


Fucking useless horse.


So bumping this thread because I have a question, I just went through Crawly hand manor and after beating the boss and causing the dragon to run away after getting to half health. I met with Ranni, and she’s asking me to serve her, now from what I understand from some very mild research (NPC whose can give me what I need is in this quest line) this is the path I can take to get rid of Dung eater for wearing a sun on his chest as a red phantom.

But does this change the main quest too much? or force me to get like a dark lord ending or something?

The main quest line doesn’t really change no matter what you do. But if you’re asking will you get a dark lord ending by doing Dungs quest line, then yes you will get the “option” to at the end of the game. But it won’t lock you in.

But once you find his physical form in the game, you could just kill him

Oh so he can be killed, I was under the impression that he was just going to revive no matter what and was going to find an NPC that makes a potion to turn him into a doll or something. From the little research I did, I learned the NPC was a servant of Ranni but I wasn’t sure if Ranni’s overall plans included something that would change the original ending.


The general Radahn fight was really awesome, in a way it reminds me of the fight with Burnt Ivory King, but tuned up to 1000, you can summon so many shades to help you fight the guy and because he just goes off with his combo’s. It took several tries and at the end I when Blaidd and I were the only 2 left and he was chasing me down.

I decided I wanted to win more than I wanted to show off and after a minute of chasing me down I managed hit Radahn with 2 rock slings to finish him off. Now I’m running down to Nokron to finish Ranni’s quest line, and my old enemy that keeps killing is running around as a normal enemy, in the area after I defeated the mimic and the moose for the second time. I almost had him at one point but that knight guy somehow burned through the barrier I was using to keep him away and just killed me again.