Elden Ring |OT| Rise Tarnished & Become The Elden Lord (of the dance!)

I’m up on it. I think I was backer #4 so believe me when I say I’m hyped!

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Hnmm, well…

The game at the store is 64,98 and the game will cost me 25 after trading in two games. Basically I get 39,98 for Splatoon 2 and Astral Chain.

I could also try selling these games myself, and then buy the game either digitally or hard copy for a nicer price. Some stores actually charge 55 , Game Mania is one of the pricier stores.

I mean gamestop would give you ER for 10 if you trade those two games


Sadly my city doesn’t have GameStop, maybe not even my country.

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65 euros is a lot…wow.

Game is pretty cheap for a AAA game here, definitely priced lower than usual in fact. You can get this version for 53e:

9 more days! :partying_face:

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I really dislike this trend of universal release times. It’s starting to become more common on console.

It’s actually 70 euros in the NL Xbox store, absolutely ridiculous.

Same here, with the retail being that much cheaper and this launch version being more than decent with some goodies in it it’s a no brainer for me to go physical.

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I was looking if NL also has that Xbox rewards thing, but it seems they don’t. Then it especially isn’t worth it at all.

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When do reviews drop?

Also, the only From Software game I have ever played was Sekiro (finished and loved it)

Will I be fine? Will I like this game as well?

ER will be much closer to the Dark Souls games than Sekiro in terms of gameplay which is slower and more methodical, depends more on stats but has way more variety in terms of builds/play style due to the vast amount of options that are available to you (weapons, spells, shields e.t.c.). If you didn’t have a problem with the checkpoint system and overall challenge of Sekiro and you want more challenging bosses and a lot of secrets to unveil then I’d say give it a try.

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hope there is preload. got a ~250mb placeholder file currently on my xbox (using app)

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February 23rd at 7:00 AM PST embargo is lifted

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I just read it has gone online on Xbox and is 50GB

Nevermind, Game Mania store for some reason is only doing it for PlayStation, sigh .

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just call me a prophet

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Yeah the pre-load is up and it’s 49gb. Hoping to get the xbox review code asap as the footage will look far better than what my laptop is putting out.

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I played Sekiro when it launched and loved it, GOTY 2019 easy. Then I played Dark Souls 3, which I liked as well but was very very different and had to get used to a lot of things. I think you’ll have a bit of a better time getting used to Elden Ring than if you played DS3 next after Sekiro like I did. Because Elden Ring will have a proper jump, something Sekiro had too. DS games have it too but it’s only used for occasional jumping over ledges. The jump in Elden Ring already has massive consequences from what I’ve seen in the gameplay videos. Elden Ring will also have unlimited sprint (outside combat), something Sekiro had too. Also, fall damage will be completely absent in Elden Ring, there was some of it in Sekiro. Also, there’s stealth like Sekiro. Will be the most familiar and welcome addition to the game.

Parry will be something more difficult to do, because it’s a lot more OP in the souls games whereas it was the central mechanic in Sekiro to the point where mastering the parry meant the game got absolutely trivialized. Parry in this game will be a little harder to pull off and as such used more sparingly. But you can master it in this too, nothing stopping that.

From a combat POV, don’t approach it like Sekiro where you have to constantly be in the enemy’s face. For one there’s stamina, so there’s a ceiling to how relentless you can be right away, something that wasn’t a hindrance in Sekiro. There’s a lot more hit and run tactics in From’s Dark Souls based games, so you’ll be hitting a few times and dodge rolling away, come back, hit a few times, dodge roll, repeat. On top of this you’ll have the weapon variety, RPG systems to manage, AI summons and the newly revamped magic system which shall be more viable in Elden Ring than any previous Souls game.

So yeah, all in all, I think you’ll be fine!