EGX 2021 - who’s going?

Who else has picked up or is planning to pick up some EGX tickets for this year?

I spoke to my friend who’s responsible for Ubisoft events in the UK and he said most major publishers have already said they’re not attending or are very unlikely to attend.

This is a shame, but EGX has always been a good excuse for a get together so I thought I’d see who else is going from the forums.

This is my first topic here so please tell me if I’m doing anything wrong…


Nothing wrong here. This is a good choice for a thread.

Is it not online?

You doing literally EVERYTHING wrong! :smiley:

J/K flower, great idea for a thread. I always wanted to go to EGX but never found time, I love Earl’s Court too.

I would love for them to try some online aspect maybe or try and go ahead with some celebration of the medium that doesnt hinge purely on publishers having something to sell in the next 6 months.

Hopefully some of you can meet up and have some pop, Jelly and Ice cream, there are worse excuses to do so.

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No, they are going for a physical event, at least at the moment. I think there’s a chance it may be called off, especially if there aren’t going to be any big publishers.

I’m selfishly hoping the publishers will change their mind…

Earl’s Court was awesome, but they moved it to the NEC and now it’s at the ExCel.

They’ve tried doing a virtual EGX and Rezzed, but it’ll never be quite the same. It’ll be great when one of the big expos works out how to make a virtual event successful, maybe it’ll be Gamescom?

Even if the publishers did attend this year I have a feeling they would showing games already on the market, but I was really hoping to get hands-on with games like Far Cry 6 (which was planned for the show), Forza Horizon 5 and Halo. I think I knew deep down it was a tad optimistic though.

Like you said it’s a great excuse for a meet-up, and there are a lot of people going - whether it’s friends, people from Instagram or work. You should definitely check it out sometime :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t live far away from the NEC so it was perfect for me there, but ExCel is much harder to organise with the buds.

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I would, but its a decent trip from Germany :smiley:

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oxbox :heart:

Haha, that’s fair enough then, and you have Gamescom, which we all know is better anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


I know a lot of people feel Birmingham was the better place for it with it being more ‘central’ and cheaper transport etc. I don’t mind either way, but understand if it being in London puts some people off :cry:

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