Eboda Temple

In mid-November, I teamed up with Formal, ZVCH, Adobe and Twitch to design a map based on input from the Twitch community and the assistance of a photoshop pro and Formal from Team Optic.

While ZVCH is more a cartoonist than a landscape artist, he and the twitch community gave me some cool ideas - an Aztec theme, set in the institute canvas, with fog and things of that nature.

While I couldn’t produce all of the designs ZVCH drew, I felt I took the main broad strokes and created a competitive 4v4 map for Halo Infinite.

Note: This map is pushing Forge pretty hard, and I think the sheer number of objects on the map does cause some performance issues and lighting hiccups, particularly on the OG Xbox One.

You have been warned!


Map looks amazing and the design and layout feel great! But I tested it out with 2 friends yesterday, one on a series x and the other guy and I both on pretty beefy PCs, and we were getting some serious lag. It was especially noticeable if all 3 of us were fighting in the central area. Warning headed but it seems a shame for such an amazing map not to be viable.

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Yep, definitely will need to be streamlined and optimised a fair bit.

I pushed Forge too far! :frowning:

Map looks excellent, I particularly like the lighting streaming in through the roof and how you’ve handled the stone work. The individual stone bricks must have taken a lot of work but it definitely adds a lot to the environment, as does all the aging steps and the little clumps of tiles busting up through the dirt.

Made some optimisation improvements to increase performance on the map - seems better in my limited testing.

Brought the overall sim memory down from 99% to 94%, with a focus on mid.


Getting big H2/H3 vibes, which are desperately needed!!

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Snipedown thinks you need spawn delays on overshield and rockets :wink:

He’s probably right!

Map looked fantastic to play on when I was watching his stream. Big Halo 2 vibes. Great work as always.

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