Earned 'Regular'

Got notified of this and it mentions a private lounge area. Is this a secret section of the forum I need to look for?

Private lounge comes with default install and that’s why is referred in your achievement, but we don’t have it.

I didn’t realise that language remained. I will have to edit that! Thanks @Phalaxis <3

come clean, noone here but me… Do you really have a private section with executive toilets where you have money fights?


Actually, yes, but you will need XboxEra Ultimate sub to experience them.

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Ahhh, fair enough. So there’s no place to don our finest gowns, smoke some cigars and drink the finest scotch? Disappointing :slight_smile:

Am I part of the cool kids now?

Oh I see how it works, the first hit is free and then comes the price, there’s always a price isn’t there Predrag? ALWAYS A PRICE!


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