EA Sports PGA Tour Gameplay Trailer

Finally some news. Please be as fun as the early 00s Tiger Woods games, me and friends (non-gamers as well) had so much fun back in the day. It was the ultimate partygame for us.


Looks great.

Looks great.

Like others have stated, I am hoping that it is fun.

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Loves these games back in the day. Keen to see how this turns out and eventually play it when it hits the ea play vault :joy:

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Played all the Tiger Woods games growing up so I’m really hoping it’s great.

The fact that I can pick to play simulation or arcadey has me sold. Football (the American kind) is my favorite sport, but my favorite sports games are golf and tennis.

30 courses at launch, nice! Rory McIllroy PGA Tour had 8…

The EA Play trial is now live for GPU subscribers. Go to the separate game in the MS Store and the trial option is there.

Game looks nice, but doesn’t play that great IMO. 2K Golf game is so much better

I am deeply deeply enjoying this.

I just can’t seem to grasp the swinging. I have no clue why I am swinging too far or too short.

I’m sure that in the old Tiger Woods games it would show a percentage, for example 75%, so that you knew you had to swing 3 quarters of a full swing, to get the ball where you want. In this version there is no indication at all, so I play too long or too short a lot.