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So with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered coming out next month, if you have GP Ultimate with EA Play, at what point if any would this game become free? Because if it will be free up to a year later I’ll just wait until then to play it. Does anyone know how this would work?

It is game dependent. If a game is successful it takes longer than if not. Anthem came quicker into the vault than expected for instance. I would expect 6 months after release as a rule of thumb

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Probably 8 months from now

Generally you get a trial when it drops and then it varies when a goes into the vault for free play.

Typically 6 months to a year, with some exceptions like Jedi Fallen Order which is still not in the vault.

Hopefully that comes in by launch, would be pretty dope!

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My plan is to use the 10 hour trial until a sale. With all the other games coming out and two new systems I will be plenty busy. I could see this game getting a Christmas/ New Years sale which is around the time I would actually want to play it.

Hopefully they’ll add Jedi Fallen Order at some point, I was waiting to play it on Series X.

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It took 7 months for Burnout Paradise Remastered to go in the vault.

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My doubt is ‘Will they lose the incentive to add games to the collection since now it is bundled with GamePass?’

During the 10 hour trial can you unlock achievements as normal?

Oh I hadn’t thought about this! I don’t have to buy EA games anymore, well apart from things like Battlefield where you want to be there in the beginning when there is still lots of players. Nice!

shoutout to r/patientgamers btw :wink:

I still buy EA games but maybe not at release as often.

One thing to consider is that EA games use a lot of licensing, so it could be delisted someday, so don’t take for granted that it would always be in your collection …

My advice is always buy EA games when they hit the $5 point. Then at least you won’t feel the deep regret of not having it in your collection down the road.

Yes. I’ve got some achievements in star wars squadrons despite not buying the game. 10 hours is a decent chunk of time though they tend to limit access to single player content. In star wars squadrons for example you can only play the opening mission of the story but you have full access to the multiplayer.

Also you should make sure you fully close the game after each session. If you leave it in standby whatever EA is using to track the time will think you are still playing the game.

Yes! I even got the 1000g in Madden NFL 20 using only the 10 hour trial. lol

It all depends on how successful the game is. It took NFS Heat 7 months to become free. It took Rocket Arena less than a month.

Haha. That’s a good effort.

Be a between 6 months - 9 months, really hope Jedi Fallen Order falls into Ea Play when the Series X launches

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Is EA Play coming to Game pass pc in Dec?

I am hoping to try out Jedi Fallen Order when it comes in to the vault and few need for speed games.

It’s coming to GamePass on November 10th but I don’t know if they’ll add Jedi Fallen Order since the vault seems like a place for underperformers and older titles. But I could be very wrong and very happy

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On console. Coming to PC in December I believe.

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