E3 2021 Xbox Bingo Thread

I have a feeling, and kinda hope this is going to be the biggest Xbox E3 there has been in a long time.

Download the template and add your predictions, and let’s see who gets the most correct. Template: LDRYh

Here is my personal Bingo Card for example: LDRYh

Bit basic but gets the thread started. Have fun and it’s see who gets it closest! Also, feel free to add some crazy outlandish ideas and if you get them correct you get bonus points! 1pt per answer, 5 points per crazy answer.


Let me fix your error and say it would be Skyrim Re-remake

We need a bingo creator app for everyone to share their cards and their hit-predictions being marked out. Any ideas?

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There are some on the internet but they are clunky and troublesome. This has been the easiest way to do it since E3 2012 FAIK.

Is there a variant for forum reactions, like @ProgStopper complains about lack of Xbox News no more than 3 minutes after the show?


That’s a brilliant idea. Someone could add stuff like that to a template tbh :rofl:

We are officially a month away,

I stole a bingo card template from here.

E3 2019 Bingo | Nintendo Switch! Amino (aminoapps.com)

Here is the modified version.

AND Proceeded to make 4 cards. Please ignore the spacing. I’m tired… and lazy.


No Bingo this year, but not all for bad reasons. Show got a resounding A on the Keighley poll. :slight_smile:

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