Dust solution for Series X?

Henlo all.

So, as some are aware, the PS5 has dust cleaning component to it, which is a pretty neat idea.

Has anyone thought about how they will clean/stop dust building up inside their Series X?

compressor and vacuum cleaner combo.

I’ll use the same electric air blower I’ve had during the current-gen. Very powerful and does a great job.

I just have a roomba clean twice a week. Even with my cat, I don’t get much dust buildup at all. Nothing that a light dusting every once a while can’t handle.

Protective cover while not in use and then a combo of leafblower and vacuum for cleaning.

I feel as though the big hole diameter will help prevent dust from accumulating around the grill at least. Otherwise, compressed air.

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If you do this than make sure it’s off and not in stand by.

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The system sucks in air from the bottom and pushes it out directly out the top. I’m thinking vacuuming from the top while the system is simultaneously pushing air out might actually work really good in “dusting” the insides.

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I will just wipe it with a microfibre cloth and vacum the top.

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I’m sure eventually there will be a YouTube video covering this. It will definitely be a concern with the amount of air and heat these consoles will push