Dune (2021) |OT|

600 and I don’t even know if that’s IMAX

Check Forum mall. Half that price, apparently, 6:30pm show

Forum Koramangala is the same


But Forum Shantiniketan has VIP which is 300, maybe thats the one youre referring to?

Oh, by the way I’m only looking at 2D. 3D looks even worse than the horrible monitor I have rn. :rofl:

You are looking at Gold prices, not Imax.

Yep. Just realized the only IMAX there is is in 3D… :pensive:

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I ain’t seeing any movie in 3D, the colors all get duller than night mode, it’s useless. Also cuz this isn’t 2003 :rofl:

The naming convention is just stupid for all the movie theatres.

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fr smh, all these marketing terms are hard to keep up with.

How strange. I haven’t been to an actual movie theater in close to a decade now. What is up with all the different tiers? Back in the day, they had just 1 selection - a simple ticket.

  • normal
  • executive
  • premium
  • vip
  • gold
  • gold prime
  • 3d classic
  • 3d prime

Finally saw it. Best movie ever with Blade Runner 2049.

The soundtrack is just stellar.

Not just tiers, completely differing seating, screen-size, and viewing experiences.

I have no idea what these terms stand for.

There are some which are clealy premium: Gold or VIP - has lounge leg-rest type seats - and comes for either 3D or imax. Limited seating. Some of these have a side-table with a small table lamp too. Very comfy.

I don’t know about normal, executive or premium designations ard they are confusing.

All the experiences have in-seat delivery of food items. I am not sure US has a similar experience with AMC and so on. Also, there is no free for all seating. You sit as per your allotted seat.

There are 4DX experiences too - which I don’t know why movie theatres subscribe to.


ayyyy LFG


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What a relief. I have yet to see it but I was concerned that we would just get part 1 and therefore an incomplete film.

I know part 2 will be good because Villeneuve does not miss.


Watched Dune on IMAX . Loved it . Its an audio and visual masterpiece . Good to see they are already working on Part 2 .


Just saw it have not read the book or see the 1980’s movie Dune so have no idea what it about i went in blind for like the first hour or so i have no idea what was happening but after seeing it i can’t wait for part 2 really enjoy it

Looks like they took a post release call on the sequel.

Good that they are doing part 2.

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Dune 2 scheduled for 2023.

On John Campea

deadline says its Oct 2023 .

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This might be my basic bitch misunderstanding after a very quick google search, but is 1.00 US dollar equal to 75.00 rupees?