Drew Murray teases The Initiative's Xbox game

Tweet :

Lucky Girl!

Edit - Added the screenshot of tweet to save some clicks :wink:


I wonder if it’s in a state like early Sea of Thieves when it was a proof-of-concept in Unity or if it’s farther along where there are full working levels.

Whatever the case may be, I am eager to see what The Initiative is making.

If she has been playing it off and on for a few months, surely it’s at a stage where can announce something? Even if its just a teaser like the Hellblade or Fable games were?


Damn can’t wait for the reveal of this!

I can’t wait to see what they are working on.

She looks impressed! :smiley:


Exactly! Honestly, my only concern would possibly be is that she is a young girl and “probably” shouldn’t be playing any M rated games… But I’m not her parent so I will mind my own. But like Xplainin said, her playing a build means it’s possibly further along than we may think!

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Maybe they disabled the violence when she played it?

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Or it isn’t an M rated game to begin with. We’re all operating under the impression this will be perfect dark and a mature one at that haha, it might as well be T rated, who knows

Whatever the rating, I can’t wait to play it.



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To be honest, I was being a bit cheeky trying to hint that maybe the Initiative was working on a Banjo game as a joke. But I do see your point. that or it’s a traversal section.


Quick someone zoom in on her eye so we can see the game in the reflection.

giphy (10)


Thanks for the laugh.


Some would say you get better at being stealthy after time, especially when controlling someone as renown as Joanna Dark.

Hmmmm… I think it might be time for a rewatch of Bladerunner soon lol.

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Banjoo confirmed