DragonBall Z - Dokkan Battle

Good morning everyone!

Do we have any members who currently play Dokkan Battle?

It would be good to get almost an OT for Dokkan Battle if there are a few of us around to exchange friends codes and discuss events.

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Didn’t even realise this was a thing. But never been into the franchise much

Thanks for the edit, great picture!

Dragon Ball is my favourite anime, and this is your typical mobile gacha game but man I love it! I’m almost at 1000 days logged in so I’ve been playing it for years now. If anyone else is playing, shout out in this thread.

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Been playing since '17 I think? Love it just pulled both the new lr gogeta and vegito. Got trunks and may plus gine and bardock, dupes for agl gogeta, lr int cell, int gogeta. I got bs this anniversary but pretty good overall

Yeah, I managed to get them both too. It was a very good celebration for me.

Did you get much on the 55 ticket banner? I managed to get 3 LRs on that both, a dupe LR PHY Trunk, dupe LR STR Broly and thankfully a new LR AGL SBA Goku. Unfortunately, I can’t awaken him as the event isn’t up just yet.

Only good thing I got was lr goku & frieza dupe. My luck was pretty horrible. My friend rainbowed phy broly AND lr agl gohan

So excluding dupes this is what I mostly got this anniversary

I didn’t get the Bardock and Gine but did get the Trunks and Mai.

Noticed you’ve picked up SBR LR Gohan, I’ve still not managed to complete 1 SBR, any tips?

Uh really luck, imo the easiest are the extreme mono ones If you got a decent amount of mono rainbowed units, that would help to, plus items

Sorry for the quick spam, but these are the teams I used:

( if you have the units, peppy gals the easiest one)

Thanks for the screenshots, going to check some of these out this weekend.

How are you doing with the LGE and DBH events?

Lge I’ve beaten twice but haven’t really gon to it that much. I’ve beaten majority of idbh except for a couple of the newer ones. Usually I use kamehameha or fusion team

Aa someone who has never played this before, is it worth downloading now?

I’d say so, look up rerolling your account, I wish I had done that when I first started.

Ok I will do thanks :slight_smile:

Plenty of videos on YouTube as well.

We’re about to hit the 350m download celebration so probably not a better time to get started.

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Oh thank you for this! I’ll get on it straight away :slight_smile:

How did everyone get on with the most recent celebration? It took me about 800 stones but managed 1 copy of LR Vegito which was nice. Unfortunately, I would say this celebration has given me the worst pulls for as long as I can remember!

I have made a start on SBR for the first time recently and I’ve got my first LR Gohan reward which is nice and I’m actually putting effort into the punching bag event. I felt it was about time I made a start on some of the more difficult content.

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I regret to inform you that I downloaded the game and then proceeded to never play it, because I’m a dumbass. Yup, I am an idiot. Haha

Honestly, part of me thinks that was a wise move. Gacha games aren’t a good habit to get into, thankfully I’ve managed to stay completely F2P.

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I will get round to actually opening it one day and I’ll stay 100% F2P