DP: Slayer

Drop Pod Patch Notes:
  • BR Starts
  • Radar returned to Halo Infinite Beta settings (player is only revealed when sprinting or shooting)
  • Strafe Acceleration reduced to 80%
  • Jump increased to 110%
  • Spawn with only one grenade.
  • Friendly Fire on and set to 70% of damage.

These changes are made to give the player a base utility weapon that is a jack of all traits but is outclassed in specific areas. (The AR beats BR at close range, Stalker Rifle can out range the BR, etc.)

Radar is nerfed to encourage players to be more aware of the environment and allows more sneaky plays where you can catch the enemy with a well place flank. Play more mindful.

Strafe acceleration being reduced help nerfs how effective strafing is, while still making it useful. Reduces annoyance overall and allows a bit more ease for KB&M players to not get as easily outplayed as they can more feasibly react to the change in direction.
Jump was increased slightly to help reward crouch jumping more often.

One grenade spawns and FF being set at 70% on are both consensus made to keep this more casual. As players don't have to scavenge the map to get grenades and if they accidentally threw a grenade at their teammate by accident they aren't as punished.
It keeps the triangle of Halo still available at spawn, while (hopefully) reducing grenade spam. Even if I was tempted to force players to pick it up to really reduce grenade spam.