Doom Eternal Or Borderlands 3?!

Both Doom Eternal & Borderlands 3 Up For Grab 29 bucks

I’m feeling more on Borderlands Side as got a feeling Doom will eventually drop in GamePass…

Doom Eternal is awesome. Crank the volume if you play.


Depends what you want!

Do you want a lot of blood and awesome metal music? I’d go Doom then! Do you want tons of loot and a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously? I’d go BL3 then!

Either way you are getting a great game for $30. However… if it were me I’d go Borderlands 3.

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Been long ass time since played borderlands :+1:

I think they are both good but very very different (other than being FPS games). I’d probably say that Borderlands 3 offers more - the game is really fun and if you like going for loot and stats its great. Doom Eternal is slightly worse than Doom 2016 IMO - its still a good game just doesn’t quite match the earlier one.

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Ohh yes I’m big into loot making end game builds etc! Doom eternal will be Gamepass soon I can feel it.

Borderlands 3 100%! Especially if you have some friends to play with.

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