Doom Eternal looks insane on Xbox Series X

So I’ve just fired up doom eternal …this looks insane on the series X it runs smooth as butter …also i think its had a resolution bump after latest patch it looks 4k now? …really impressed…and my series X is whisper quite running this thing :sunglasses:


And it’s getting a next-gen upgrade too, isn’t it? This game already looks amazing, it’s going to get even better.


Really ? Didn’t know that…even better!


From memory the Xbox One X version had a 4k upper bounds, but it was dynamic. The Series X holding to 4k or close to it seems unsurprising considering how well it already runs on XB1X.

And yes, the game is gorgeous. Doom 2016 was also a looker (albeit with a few rougher textures).

I would expect Wolfenstein: The New Colossus to be another idTech showcase on Series X it’s another Dynamic 4k game on similar engine tech.


Yeah I’ve played a few hours looks superb and is smooth as hell


Μy GOTY and one of my top 5 games of last gen. Such an amazing game and a huge improvement over 2016 on almost everything.

Check out The Ancient Gods part 1 expansion if you liked the main game, it has the best combat scenarios on Eternal and it’s a great challenge on Nightmare.

Speaking of DOOM Eternal today I will start to play the Super Gore Nest master level! gold shotgun here I come! :nerd_face:


It has an 1800p cap. It looks insane at 4K ultra on PC so I can’t wait for ID to update it for next gen.

They updated the back compat version with the last update to increase the upper bound for Series X/S. I assume it is now Gen9Aware.

DOOM Eternal Update 4 Patch Notes |

Updates and Improvements for Xbox

Xbox Series X

  • Increased default backwards compatibility mode resolution to 4k at 60 HZ (with dynamic resolution scaling)

Xbox Series S

  • Increased default backwards compatibility mode resolution to 1080p at 60 HZ (with dynamic resolution scaling)

WHAT? Holy shit. I’m jumping back asap.


I need to be “ready” before I start my playthrough. I’ve seen some Let’s Plays and…yeah. Some parts are going to piss me off, lol.

I probably won’t even choose medium or whatever it’s called because that seemed damn challenging already. I don’t shy away from a challenge but with Doom it’s different.

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It’s probably native 4K now, I think it was dynamic 4K on 1X so now SX can keep it native.


Looks great.


Bought it on sale specifically in preparation for the Series X upgrade.

Not starting it until then. Ditto Control