DOOM Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online will have free upgrades for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners


Users who own the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version of either game will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X version free of charge when those versions are available. Both titles will also support backward compatibility when the new consoles launch.

More at the link:

Edit: DOOM Eternal is on sale right now, just sayin’

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You beat me by 4 minutes haha this is great news for current owners!

Bethesda’s announcement


Sadly this means my crop of current gen games I will need to hold off on playing until next gen grows ever larger.


Guess I’ll replay DOOM Eternal on next-gen with RTX (hopefully) and the delayed invasion mode on.

I wonder if ESO is getting any graphics updates? They could increase it across the board given how strong both new systems are plus PC. Thinking like how EVE Online improved graphically since it launched.

Awesome. Guess I’ll buy Eternal on sale at some point

Looking forward to all the digital foundry comparisons. Its going to be interesting to see if devs just bump current gen games to 4k 60fps and call it day or if they spend more time adjusting and adding features.

In regards to Eternal, hopefully the later since there is a PC version which has settings that go beyond the console versions. Also, the Xbox One X already runs the game up to 1800p so if they just bump the res up to 4K it wouldn’t be as noticeable of an upgrade.

I hope they dont do a forced parity like FIFA, ass creed unity etc.

I wonder if they can get Doom running at 4K at 120fps on next gen consoles. Considering how the One X runs at 1800p at 60fps, it’ll be interesting to see how far they can push next gen systems.

I don’t see why Bethesda would do that considering the current gen consoles are not at parity.

That’s a good point actually. On paper the Series X has the horsepower to run the Xbox One X version at 120fps, but it probably can be pushed further. Doom Eternal is also the type of game that would benefit from it as well considering how fast paced it is.

Finally some details on the current-gen updates.


I have been holding off on a playthrough until this patch and it is finally coming.